Lifestyle: Top 5 Gifts A Teen Would Want For Their Birthday

Hey everyone, today I thought I would share top 5 gifts teens would want for their birthdays as sometimes you can have a really hard time choosing!
1) Clothes
For someone who loves fashion and trendy outfits you can never go wrong with clothes. They are practical and useful. Clothes are a basic necessity of life so buy someone clothes that are their size, style and taste. Make sure you know what they are into whether it’s jeans or dresses. Personally, I love wearing jeans and always wear dresses if I’m at a party or event.
2) Something to organise a room
Okay guys, is it just me or do you just love getting presents that help you organise your room or make it look more put together? Things like pin boards to hold up reminders or whiteboards to write homework you need to do always makes me happy! Let me know if you are similar to me!
3) Books
If you know someone who is really into reading then you should get them a book; but not just any book, get them a book you know they will enjoy! Take time to read the blurb, reviews and check
the genres. Then you will be able to see if your friend would really love the book you give them. For example, I have a friend who is really into Harry Potter so I would probably buy them a book similar to Harry Potter or I would buy them a book in the series they have not read.
4) A video game
If you have a friend who loves gaming then you could get them a video game or anything along the lines of that. For example, I have friends who love Roblox so you get them a Roblox Gift Card. It’s small but it would definitely make the recipient happy. Also, don’t feel limited just to get computer games. You can buy Playstation and XBox games or anything in between. Some great computer games are things like Sims 4 and Roblox. You can find more games teens might like by clicking here.
5) Technology
So this idea kind of links with section four and  is a bit pricey so family members would probably read this. I’m pretty sure most teens would love technology so things like Phones or iPads would be great options for people who are willing to spend a bit more money on their friends and family. A great tip is to actually ask the person what they want; then you know your rough budget or roughly what to buy them. Technology can be expensive!
Thanks for reading this post guys, before I go just remember it’s okay if you don’t get what you want for your birthday. Remember it’s the thought that counts! Thanks for reading.
Stay Positive 🙂


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