Lifestyle: How I Celebrated International Women’s Day

Hey everyone, as some of you may know, today is International Women’s Day and I absolutely love girl power! So, today I want to share with you how I celebrate International Women’s Day!

So, the first thing I like doing is finding new speeches to watch about women empowerment. Like, this year Megan Markle went back to the UK to promote Women’s Day so I loved hearing her speech and reading articles about what she said! You can find a great one here.

My other tip is pretty obvious but it’s to let people know, there are so many girls around the world who need to be empowered so if you just spread the word then it can really make a difference. Do anything from, letting your family and friends know to posting it on your Whatsapp Status!

Another thing you can do is to get inspired by a huge inspirational female in your life, and tell them how much they mean to you. Therefore, for me it would be my Mum who works hard to help me do my best every day. For you it could be anyone from your: Mum, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin or anybody else! Just let an important woman in your life know that they are appreciated.

My final tip is to strike a pose with the equal sign to show men and women are equal! Post it anywhere with the tag #EachForEqual to show that you support gender equality!

Thanks for reading this post guys, I hope you celebrate International Women’s Day as everyone is equal! Just remember this years theme #EachForEqual!
Stay Positive 🙂


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