What To Do When You’re Bored At Home (Because Of Pandemic)

Hey everyone, boredom is literally most peoples lives right now! With the coronavirus we have nothing to do but stay at home and chill. Even after just sleeping all day it starts to get kind of boring (okay that’s an understatement, VERY BORING.) So today, I thought I would share with you some things I do when I’m bored in quarantine!
1)  Read A Book
So this one most people think is boring but it all depends on the book! I find if I read a book with a really interesting plot, then I’ll have more of a chance of reading it. The only problem is, I have trouble motivating myself to read a book because sometimes I find it a bit boring… but I wanna improve! Let me know in the comments your tips for motivating yourself to read. Lately, be
cause of the current crisis I have loved reading books that empower me.

2) Play A Video Game
Seriously guys, I’m motivated to do this one more then read a book😂. I have  recently bought SIMS 4 and I’m loving it! I have just started the 100 Baby Challenge. I had three kids and two of them were taken away 😢 so SIMS 4 is a great way to spend my time right now! The only thing is I can only play an hour a day so I don’t get too obsessed, but it’s better then nothing! I would also recommend games like Roblox or Minecraft; they’re super cool too!
3) Start A New Project
This is essentially gonna be something that you can really put 100% into and work hard, for me example that would be starting my new bullet journal that you saw in my previous post! It’s something I will work hard on and keep making the layout better and better! However, you could always do something like… start a blog! This is a great way to keep you occupied!
4) Call A Friend Or Relative
Even though we have to stick to our new social distancing rules doesn’t mean we can’t keep connected with the people you love! There are so many applications such as Whatsapp or Google Hangouts which can easily be used to stay in touch with the people you love! ❤
5) Work Out (In A Fun Way)
Staying active is so important in these times as we can’t go outside to fitness centres; but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit! For example, in my garden we have a football goal so me and my brother play football together. It’s fun but it also keeps you fit too! Also, you could do something as simple as exercising in your room! There are so many fun stretches that keep you active and even something as simple as a skipping rope gives you a lot of fitness fun and is so effective!

Thanks for reading these tips guys, I hope they are useful to you. Make sure you have an amazing rest of the week and stay happy and healthy. ❤


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