Blogger’s Confessions with Daisy from Daisy’s Corner

Hey everyone it’s Zainab! This is my first ever collab and I’m super excited to do it, today I’m starting a new part of my blog called Blogger’s Confessions where I’ll be interviewing other bloggers on what it’s really like having a blog and sharing tips and advice in the blogging community! My first guest today is the person that actually inspired me to start Blogger’s Confessions, please welcome Daisy from Daisy’s Corner! She has an amazing lifestyle blog where she shows a lot of her productivity. She also has a new series called Happy Hour where she interviews other bloggers too (her series inspired me to start Blogger’s Confessions) so let’s just jump right into the questions!

Also, before we get started I just wanted to say how proud I am of Daisy. Some of you may know her as Sophie Amara, however that’s actually her pen name! Recently, she came out of her shell and went by her real name Daisy, so go check her out and show her some love!

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions Daisy, my first one is: You have got a successful blog with over 200 followers and over 1000 Instagram followers! How long did it take you to grow that large of an audience and what advice would you give to other bloggers who would like to expand?
     Thank you for involving me! I started my Instagram account in January 2019 and my blog in August 2019. It took me around a year to reach 1000 followers over on my Instagram, my main tips for growing your social media account would be to: use relevant hashtags in your posts (I think Instagram lets you use 32 as the maximum but I’m not entirely sure), be active on your story & interact with your followers, post consistently and as often as possible and engage in other people’s content too. My blog has only recently properly grown, and I still can’t really believe it! My biggest tip would just be to stick with it and don’t give up. I had around forty followers for the first seven months and then it was only in March when we came into quarantine that I started getting so many more followers! I had much more time to produce good quality content and I could invest so much more of my attention & effort into my blog posts. I also have done two brand collaborations since entering lockdown and I have done countless collabs with my blogger friends! So I’d just advise everyone to try and look beyond the numbers, it does take a while to gather lots of consistent readers but if you just start by focusing on making your blog the best that it can be and then when you’re happy THAT is when you can focus more on the engagement and the numbers.
  2. Your blog posts are always so interesting and engaging that many people love, where do you get post inspiration from for categories like Happy Hour and who inspired you to start Daisy Corner

Oooh I love this question! So when I first started Instagram, early last year, I started off as a quotes account. I would post inspiring quotes every day. But then my account seemed to morph into a photography account and I began posting some of my own photos alongside the quotes. It was when I started doing this that I got a large following from many similar accounts (photographers and bloggers). I made friends with a lovely girl called Grace Ariya and she really inspired me, as she had a blog at the time which I loved reading. I had always had a passion for writing but I’d never tried blogging before so I set up a blog with a platform called Wix and started publishing some posts. I didn’t really get the hang of it though and I ended up deleting that blog. I then did lots of planning & looked into many different platforms, this took me around sixth months and then when I was certain I was ready to start blogging again I started up my blog with WordPress. I absolutely love it and can’t imagine my life without blogging now (even if that does sound a little dramatic haha)! At the beginning of each month, I sit down and write out twenty blog post ideas. Then I pick my favourites and allocate them to certain days so that I have a content plan. I’m still not entirely sure where these ideas come from, they’re mainly the types of things that I think I’d enjoy reading and sometimes an idea will blossom from an email I receive off a reader with a request for a certain blog post. I also have quite distinguished niches (productivity, food, lifestyle & positivity) so sometimes I will just write these words in the middle of a page and then mind map lots of ideas or words that link to them around it. For example, I may write productivity and then that could stem to words like studying or waking up early then that could inspire me to do a blog post of study tips or a morning routine etc.

3)  Blogging can be very fun but sometimes people can receive hate comments. Have you ever received hate, if so what advice would you give to people to get through it?
I’ve actually never received any hate comments, all of my followers & readers are so supportive and lovely!

4) Your blog is already so popular, what do you think would be your next blogging milestone and what would you like to achieve in the blogging world?
I’m not really sure. I’d love to reach 500 followers and I also have a ‘dream brand’ in mind that I’d love to collab with 😉 I think the main thing I want to do is inspire and motivate others to be the best versions of themselves possible, if I manage to do this then I’ll be happy!!

5) Do you think you will keep blogging as you get older, if you would, what new topics do you think you would blog about?
Yes, I hope so. I think I will continue to post about productivity and then when I go to college/university I would like to do lots of posts about this and what to pack etc. I do think I’d like to do some travel blogging as well in the future but I’ve not really thought that far ahead yet. All I know is that I would definitely love to continue blogging.

Well guys, that’s all the questions for Daisy! Thank you again to Daisy for agreeing to participate in this collab, be sure to check out her amazing blog here. I hope you guys liked this collab, let me know if you want to see more Blogger’s Confessions and which bloggers you would like to see!

Also, just before I leave you guys, please let me know if you want me to Blog 3 times a week instead of two! Tell me in the comments if you would like to see that soon!

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19 thoughts on “Blogger’s Confessions with Daisy from Daisy’s Corner

  1. daisys.cornerx

    i’m so happy that i inspired you to start this series! this was so exciting to read and it was so fun to see how it’s all come together hehe. so proud of you at the moment, you’re really doing great with your blogging! also, thank you so much for all of your support all the time!! lots of love, daisy xo

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