Blogger’s Confessions With Anna

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, we’re back for another Blogger’s Confessions Interview. Today, I’m here with the lovely Anna who has a cool blog that talks about so many different topics I’ll link it here. Let’s get onto the questions! Also, before we start I just wanted to say Blogger’s Confessions is inspired by Happy Hour on Sophie’s Corner Blog so check her posts too! Now let’s welcome Anna to Blogger’s Confessions!

  1. Anna, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. You have quite a popular blog and recently achieved 100 followers! How long did it take you to a grow an audience that big and what advice would you give to bloggers that want to grow?
    Firstly, thank you for interviewing me, Zainab! It really means a lot. So it took me around one and a half months to get 100 followers. It’s getting really close to my second month-iversary. My advice would be to keep posting consistently, but not take too much pressure. Because I feel like the more pressure you take, it actually shows in your writing, and will make the posts sound fake and artificial. My second piece of advice would be to also interact well with your audience. I’ve met amazing bloggers along the way and made some close internet friends:)
  2. On your blog you have very unique posts such as the ‘Myths About Hinduism’ post. Where do you get inspiration for posts like this and what advice would you give to people for coming up with content?
    Aww thank you! I’m glad that you think my posts are unique. I guess I just get inspiration from myself to be honest. I blog about things that interest me and are part of my personality, so my posts can have a more personal approach.
  3. We all know the internet can be sometimes cruel, has anyone ever given you hate comments, if so what advice would you give to people to get through it?
    I haven’t exactly gotten hate comments, because I feel like our WordPress community is a very sweet, encouraging one. But I have gotten a few comments that kind of criticised what I wrote, but not directly. I take these comments like constructive criticism and my advice to fellow bloggers would be this:don’t let haters bring you down, let them make you stronger. Haters are everywhere, and most of the time it’s probably not because they actually hate your post. It’s probably just because they want to pull you down, so don’t let them get to you.
  4. Finally, how long have you been blogging for and who or what inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve been blogging for around 2 months now I think. I was actually inspired to blog by Tashi Rodriguez and other fashion blogs, and my first ever blog was a fashion blog. But eventually I scrapped that because I realised I love a lot of other things, too. So then I started my current one!

Thank you so much for interviewing me, Zainab! Lotta love xx

Thanks so much to Anna for agreeing to be interviewed, I hope her advice helps you guys and your blogs! Let me know in the comments who you want to see interviewed next!

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