Blogger’s Confessions With Imaan

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m interviewing Imaan! She has an amazing blog and Instagram where she talks all things productivity and lifestyle, be sure to check out her blog here! Let’s jump into the interview where we talk all things blogging and maybe the future of her social media!!

1) Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Imaan! You have a blog with over 300 followers and over 3000 page views which is so cool! Did you ever think you would end up with this much support and how did you start blogging? Also, any advice for people who want to grow as much as you have? 

Thanks for asking me to be interviewed! Hey guys, my name is Imaan and I am a productivity and strategy blogger! I talk about all things growing a following, books, bullet journaling and staying productive over on my blog:

 I know it is very exciting! When I started blogging I honestly thought it would just be my friends and family supporting me, I had no idea there was a potential of gaining a wonderful audience and more publicity. I can confirm I have had over 3K hits, which took a while to build up to but I really don’t know my accurate following. I think I have 200 WordPress follows, a few email subscribers and 300 social followers. WordPress is so confusing sometimes so I’m not sure which is the most accurate, but I have a feeling it is the WordPress followers because I actually get notifications about those.

My first piece of advice for growing bloggers is that it is going to take a while and you need to put in a load of effort. Posting as consistently as possible is one of the best ways to grow, the more posts you produce the more chances you have for them to either go viral or to gain a greater audience. You also will want to make sure that your content is high quality. Publish blog posts you would read and take beautiful pictures in daylight. At the moment I have been posting blog posts on Monday and Fridays, but I am experimenting with adding a new day to the mix! 

2) Recently you created a ‘Week Of Uploads’ on your blog where you posted every day! This was so cool for people but did you ever lose motivation to write blog posts or come across writer’s block. If so, what advice would you give people who are struggling with creating content or can’t motivate themselves to write blog posts?

Surprisingly, I didn’t hit writer’s block until the very last blog post. There was one day where I wrote four blog posts in a day, which I had never done before. The feeling of being that productive was a huge push to get everything else done. However, Saturday’s blog post, entitled ‘navita stationery set review: the muji dupe,’ took me a while to write up. So long in fact I wrote the end half of it the day it was published! Procrastination at its finest. 

One of my tips for bloggers with writer’s block is to get your creative juices flowing and have a fun brainstorming session. Get out a piece of paper or a notebook, play a podcast, grab your favourite pieces of stationery, light a candle and start splurging out as many ideas you can think of. Something I learnt from my fellow blogger ‘Grace Ariya’ is that when you are stuck for ideas and inspiration you should look around your room and create ideas from the things in it. For example, I could look at my bullet journal and think, ‘why don’t I do a bullet journal setup post?’ My tip for coming up with content is to look back at your own blog posts and seeing if you could expand on previous concepts you had before. Also to read through blogs that you follow and draw inspiration, but not copying without giving credit!

3) As well as your blog, you also upload a lot of successful  IGTVs, what inspired you to start making those and what tips would you give for people who are new to Instagram?

Honestly being very bored in quarantine is what inspired me to start them! They have become such a great part of my content and are so fun to create! My favourites I’ve made so far are my vlogs, the q&a and the my favourite songs video. You can go check them out over on my Instagram @imaanazizblogs. One of my tips for newbies is that you should try and find your niche, voice and what makes you stand out from the crowd as soon as possible! My niche is mainly productivity, throughout my blogging journey I saw countless beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers and more, but saw there was a lack of productivity bloggers. If there were productivity bloggers they were highly under-rated! So I decided to choose that as my focus for all my platforms. Additionally, connecting with similar people to you is very important, I actually have a whole guide on how to make connections and do collabs over on my blog! My last quick tips are to post consistently, be active on your stories and to support others before you expect any support yourself.

4) Finally, as mentioned before, your Instagram is doing so well! What do you think the future is for you? Any thoughts about something like a Youtube Channel soon? 

I get the “YouTube Channel’ question a lot but I really don’t think YouTube would be right for me! Fun fact I actually had a YouTube channel when I was eleven, I stopped making them because people at my school found out and were teasing me. Obviously being so young, what they said would really hurt so I just quit. I’m so glad I’ve learnt now that other people’s negative opinions don’t matter, sometimes I do regret quitting it. I believe eventually I would have got the hang of editing, figured out my niches and shared my content properly like I do with my blog. At eleven I had no idea what these things even were so my videos were kind of bad! Aside from that, a YouTube channel isn’t really on the cards for me at the moment, I’m sticking to blogs and IGTVs for now!

And that’s it! Thank you so much Zainab for interviewing me! I loved all you questions! I’ll finish with: Keep Smiling and Goodbye :), a line I use to complete all my blog posts!

Thank you so much to Imaan for agreeing to be part of this interview go check her blog and Instagram out!

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