Blogger’s Confessions With Catherine from Kitty Jade Blog

Hey guys, it’s Zainab welcome back! I feel like I haven’t done Blogger’s Confessions in so long, today I’ll be interviewing popular bookstagrammer and blogger Catherine (Kitty Jade) about her blogging journey and how she built up the courage to revealing her name online, let’s jump into it!

1) Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed Catherine! For anybody who doesn’t know you or your content, can you explain a little bit about your blogging journey and what your goals are in blogging?
First of all, I really appreciate the invite to this interview Zainab! If you don’t know me, my name is Catherine and I’m a lifestyle blogger from the UK. I started blogging on and off in April 2017, but it was only in 2019 that I really starting committing to my blog. My aims through my blog are to spread positivity, share advice and most importantly bring awareness to climate change. This is a recently introduced niche to my blog, but since I have a larger audience now, I want to use it for good. Every Friday I submit a piece of writing to my series ‘The Plastic Plan’. It can be anything from fast fashion to ocean pollution, but it’s my way of shedding light on the issues that endanger our planet.

2) You have over 700 blog followers and over 1000 instagram followers, how long did it take you to grow that large of an audience and what advice would you give to a blogger that is looking to grow?
My intention with blogging was never to ‘grow’. I started blogging because I wanted to be Penny Porter from the Girl Online series. I was very surprised that my parents even agreed to let me begin a blog! I first began blogging by sharing random articles: poems, travel diaries, drawing etc. In 2019 I came to the realisation that my blog can actually make a difference. I will never forget the first time someone used one of my recipes, or when I got nominated for my first ever Sunshine Blogger Award. To grow organically you just have to share content you love. Don’t focus on the numbers too much! Although I will say, by starting an Instagram this time last year, my views skyrocketed and I earned 500 new blog subscribers. If you need to find some new readers, Instagram is the place to go.

3) Recently, you revealed your name wasn’t Erin and it was Catherine! How large of a step was that for you, and what made you want to reveal your name online?

People grow a lot in three years. I felt like I had outgrown Erin, her coat didn’t fit me anymore. Compliments also didn’t feel directed towards me. They were talking to Erin, not Catherine. I no longer felt like myself when I was blogging – I had invented this Erin character. My two identities felt way too distinct. Therefore, I took it upon myself to explain my complicated name situation. I just wanted to be really transparent with my readers, and not hide behind a facade anymore. To explain simply, my name is Catherine Jane. Catherine Jane Blog didn’t ring very well with me, therefore I manipulated my name as much as possible to make it sound more modern. ‘Kitty’ was derived from Catherine, and ‘Jade’ from Jane. I don’t know about you, but Catherine Jane sounds like a school girl from an Enid Blyton novel. That wasn’t the vibe I was going for with my blog!

4) Finally, do you have any advice for anybody who wants to reveal their name online or share more about themselves to their followers in a safe way?

I may not be the best person to turn to for advice, however, I would recommend that you reveal parts of your identity in stages. Perhaps name first, then age, then face. You must tread carefully with anonymity. Don’t reveal parts of your identity just because other people are doing it. If you are old enough, go for it. But if you’re in the younger years of your teen life, be super careful. I’m all for taking risks, but taking risks on the Internet is a different ball park.

If you’re revealing your identity for the sake of numbers, remember that you can grow anonymously. Look at me, I’m living proof! So is Zainab over here.

Taking you back to primary school here with another snippet of advice: make sure you’re comfortable with the photos you share. Your platform is public. You could gain the attention of big stars overnight, that’s just how the Internet works.

Finally, remember that this blog of yours is simply fun. If you want to take the leap of revealing your anonymity, go for it! Don’t be stressed or pressured by your peers. My online bestie Daisy took the huge step of revealing her anonymity recently. Despite all the things that could go wrong, she received incredible support and love for her decision. There’s a statistic that 80% of what you worry about doesn’t happen? Trust in that fact. You can do this

Thank you so much Catherine for agreeing to be interviewed! I urge you to go check out her blog Kitty Jade, you won’t regret it! Thanks for reading guys!

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