Daily Routine Of A Blogger (Collab With Christina)

Hey guys it’s Zainab, welcome to the blog! Today, I’m going to share my daily routine as a blogger. Before we start the post, this is a collab with one of my amazing blogger friends, Christina from Christina and Camera, so go over to her blog to see her routine! Let’s get into it!

8:00am – So at around 8am I will wake up and eat breakfast! Usually, I’ll be eating cereal and watching Netflix too!

9:00am – Then, at around this time I will go into my room and do school work! I do my school work before anything else as school is my number one priority!

10:30am – Roughly at this time, I will start doing Blog Content Planning! I usually plan my content throughout the week and then I will write up blog posts! Also, every Sunday I plan out content to go onto my Blog Instagram at this time, to promote my blog (usually, it’s whatever I put on my blog, I turn it into a mini Instagram post). It takes much longer to do the Blog Instagram as I want to make my Photography perfect!

11:15am – After I plan all my blog content, I’ll usually watch some Youtube or Netflix! After I spend my morning doing school and planning I really like to relax.

12:00pm – This is usually the time of day where I work out! I do have a new workout routine so if you want to see an updated workout routine blog post, let me know below.

2:00pm – I’ve put a huge gap in time here as after I have a productive morning writing blog posts, school work etc I literally do nothing! At around this time, I usually eat lunch, which would usually be a Cheese sandwich!

4:00pm – Usually, I will go into WordPress and do a final proofread of a blog post as well as going WordPress Reader!

6:00pm – At around this time, I will hop back on WordPress and respond to any comments. I always post as 5pm so I always have at least one comment to respond to!

8:00pm – This is the usual time I will sit and eat dinner with my family, after that I will usually take some Vitamins too! I will then have nothing to do so I just relax with my family until I go to sleep!

So guys, that’s my daily routine (yes, I know it’s not productive but at the time I’m writing this I’m still in quarantine) I’m actually back to school now though, so let me know if you want me to do an updated school version.

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