Blogger’s Confessions With Vivian And Sairah From Iridescent Blog

Hey guys it’s Zainab, welcome back to the blog! Today, I’ll be interviewing Vivian and Sairah from Iridescent blog! Since it’s a joint blog, I will be asking a couple of questions for both of them to have a joint answer and then ask them separate questions related to them. We talk about all things blogging, niches and their friendship, let’s get started!

Thank you guys for agreeing to be interviewed. Here’s are questions that you can both have a joint answer for: What inspired you guys to create a joint blog as there aren’t really many joint blogs out there, why didn’t you create different blogs?

Sairah and I are very similar in personalities so I knew we would work very well together. We created the blog together and not separately because we wanted to find something we can do together to split the workload because this is a hobby and it isn’t something that were dead set on to rely on this as our source of income if that makes sense. The blog was something we can do together and still keeps us close because I’m moving to a different school starting this September so we can’t see each other every day anymore.

How has blogging together made your friendship stronger?

I wouldn’t say blogging has made our friendship stronger but it has definitely made us talk a lot more than we already do. Blogging is something we both love so I guess having common interests do strengthen friendships.

Whose idea was it to start the Iridescent Blog and how did you guys know it was better for you to blog together?

 It was initially Vivian’s ideas to start the blog , and I was so happy when she asked me to join her , doing a blog together let’s us provide much more content and we can share the amount of work put into it so it’s less stressful. And this will be a plus side when we start school again.

Question For Vivian:

What is your main niche that you focus on when you write content for the Iridescent Blog and why do you focus on that?

The main niche I focus on is music, advice, travel, school and fashion & photography because those are my strong points and I have a lot of knowledge on it which I hope to share with everyone.

Question For Sairah:

What niche do you mainly focus on when writing the blog and why do you focus on that?

I write about a range of things but I like to focus on , advice , issues within society (which I sometimes like to portray in the form of story telling ,from someone’s narrative perspective. )But I also do the fitness section of our blog . I feel like these are the topics I can talk about most , and therefore I can engage with the part of our audience that likes to read about this stuff 🙂

Thanks so much to Vivian and Sairah for agreeing to be interviewed, go check out their joint blog Iridescent for a range of different niches and posts.

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