How To Balance Blogging And School

Hello everyone it’s Zainab! I get a lot of questions on how I balance blogging and school so today I want to share how I do that!

Have A Schedule
Having a schedule will allow you to prioritise parts of the day for school and parts of it to blog. If you set aside an hour straight after school for revision then you can prioritise the rest of the day for writing blog posts and organising your blog.

Spend The Weekend
If you’re quite big on school like me, instead of spending the week blogging you can spend the weekend blogging! This is great so you can spend school days revising and the weekend blogging!

Prioritise Which Is Important
In this part you really have to think what’s important. If you want to have a very academically focused life when you’re older, you may want to spend more time in school. Whereas if your goal is to me a full time blogger maybe you should spend more time on your blog!

Thank you guys so much for reading, let me know how you balance blogging and school in the comments!

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Have a lovely day!


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