Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Hey guys it’s Zainab! I get so many questions about blogging and my advice for people new to the blogging world and today I want to share some tips for new bloggers and what I wish I knew before I started blogging!

Quality Not Quantity
This is literally something I used to never understand however instead of writing long blog posts that people will be put off to read, why don’t you write less with more meaningful ideas?

Images Are Key
Like I said previously, people usually are put off by seeing long paragraphs and posts, so adding some nice photos will not only contibue to SEO of the post, but it will engage readers more!

Use Tags
For anybody that doesn’t know what tags are, they are basically words that you want your posts to come up for if you search for your post. If you really want to grow your blog from the beginning, using tags are so important, if you don’t use them at the beginning, it can effect your blog’s SEO in later stages.

Only Use Your Own Photos

Like I said previously, images are key, but I can’t stress enough to not use photos from google! If you use photos from google, there’s a chance you could be copyrighted, so it’s best to just use your own photos!

Have A Theme / Aesthetic
Having a constant and consistent theme is really important if you want to ‘brand’ yourself or your blog! This really helps if you want everything to contrast.

Interact With Your Followers
This is something I didn’t learn for a very long time, but it’s so important to interact with followers! You can learn more about them and their blog, and you can also help eachother grow as blogger friends!

Well that’s everything I wish I knew, I hope this helps, comment below your tips!

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Have an great week!


32 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

  1. Olivia

    One tip I can add on the photo front is that there are alot of websites that provide copyright free images that you can use on your blog. Thats what I use for most of my feature images if I didn’t take them myself. I used to take my own but it takes up too much of my time.

    I get my images from 😊

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  2. nirajshah2003

    I agree about the point about quality is more important than quantity. Quite frankly, I get put off by posts that are way too long, and I would much rather read something that is shorter but has some great ideas and is well written 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. infinitelyadaydreamer

    I definitely agree with all you’ve said here! Even with a creative hobby like blogging, there are core rules you must follow for success and ease of experience. I only recently got into using tags and still am working on ways to improve my SEO! My plan is set up in a way that it’s pretty much covered for me but I figure I can always do better. Being on the business plan does help though.

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  4. Stuart Danker

    Tags really are one of the most important things that are overlooked by beginning bloggers (I never tagged my posts in the beginning). So great on you for putting this reminder for all the bloggers out there. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. simplyadda

    i definitely agree w you!! i started this blog not that long ago, but I am blogging for much morr, almost five years. in the beginning I was using photos from Google not worrying about copyright, but now i tend to use a lot of my photos!

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  6. Jirah Merizz

    I definitely agree especially with quality not quantity! I wanted to have a lot of blog posts when I first started but some of them really didn’t turn out well- now I only blog once or twice a week and make sure it’s really good quality! 🙂 I usually get stock photos from and yes, it can really add a lot to the overall look of your blog post. And definitely YES with having an aesthetic! x

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