Blogger’s Confessions With Maryam From Infinitely A Daydreamer

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, today I’m getting to interview one of my great blogging friends: Maryam from Indefinitely A Daydreamer! Let’s get into this interview!

Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed, let’s start by you telling my readers a bit about yourself and your blogging journey?

Thank you for having me on your blog Zainab and hello to everybody reading!

I’m Maryam- a minimalist, intersectional feminist, lifestyle + wellness blogger and creatively driven teen from sunny Sydney. I’m an aspiring interior designer and self proclaimed iced coffee fanatic. I’ve been blogging over at infinitelyadaydreamer for over five years now. It’s a home for all my internal musings and has brought me community.

A fun fact about my journey is that I started off as a gaming blogger! I was ten years old and quite in love with movie star planet. It was essentially a fan page. I had come across an ad for WordPress while browsing online and figured I’d make my own site as it seemed like a mature, adult thing to do!

Your blog has over 900 followers, very close to 1000, what strategies did you use to grow your blog to this many followers?

I’m currently about forty followers away from a thousand and am mindblown when I contemplate this figure!

I have a considerably larger following on my Instagram page but I’ve always considered blogging to be a more difficult pursuit. When you have a website there are many aspects to manage and be on top of. It’s not as simple as taking pretty pictures and waiting for a potential audience to click that follow button! It is, however, more than worth going the extra mile for. I started taking blogging more seriously early last year and that’s when the change happened. When I first started my blog growth was very slow to come. My site was unrefined, I had no defined niches and I certainly wouldn’t have followed me if I was in someone else’s position. My content at that point didn’t offer anything of value to the reader.

I’ve worked hard to make sure my blog posts are worth my reader’s time and that I pass on a lesson, teachable moment or add to their day, even in ways subtle.I post consistently three times a week and use a mixture of stock and my own images throughout my website. This gives my posts a polished, professional look whilst allowing my audience to get to know me. I like to strike a balance and post on both serious and light hearted topics. It is important to me that I cross boundaries and appeal to a wider audience than just teenagers.

Lastly, I am to always represent myself in a way that speaks to who I truly am. I want to be authentic and let my audience know that I am person just like them. I laugh, I cry, I make mistakes, I have days where I feel on top of the world.

On your blog, you talk a lot about minamalism in life, how did you get involved with this lifestyle?

I discovered minimalism in 2017 and it changed my life in remarkable ways. I used to be someone who hung onto every little trinket and momento. My bedroom was chock full of them. It was suffocating both physically and mentally- to further illustrate this point, I even found a letter received from an ex!

This was a turning point. I realised that I needed to make a big lifestyle change. I did my research, watched some documentaries and slowly but surely started to live again. I emptied my closet, my desk drawers and ruthlessly culled when and where needed. I gave my space a thorough clean and made a commitment to change my ways. I chose minimalism because it is an enabler, not a disabler. It brings a higher sense of clarity and purpose to all those who pursue it. At its core, minimalist living denotes the intentional promotion of what is most valuable and the subtraction of what distracts from that. Minimalism invites you to come as you are and slowly begins to affect change in youre lofe.

For the final question, for those of you who have seen Maryam’s blog her blog design is amazing, how did you come up with your amazing blog design?

You are so lovely! Thank you for the kind words. I designed my blog graphics a couple of years back and rework the layout when I feel like a fresh look is needed on the blog. I stick to a simple palette of grey, white and gold florals as this is timeless and I am identifiable by this. Essentially, it’s my signature look 🙂

Being a minimalist I value simplicity. This is what I find the most beauty in- uncomplicated design with no frills and no fuss!

Guys that’s everything, but you should definitely check out Maryam’s blog, and get her to 1 thousand followers!

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Have an amazing day!


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