Blogger’s Confessions With Meghan from Meghan’s Teen Life

Hey guys it’s Zainab! Today I’m going to be interviewing teen blogger: Meghan from the blog Meghan’s Teen Life! Let’s get into it!

  1. Thank you so much for being interviewed Meghan! Can you start off my sharing with my readers a bit about you and a little bit of your blogging journey?
    Yes, of course!! Hi everyone! I’m Meghan from Meghan’s Teen Life. I run a blog and instagram account that launched in the middle of February this year! My platforms focus on giving advice to teenagers like me. I often share my own experiences which has boosted my confidence since launching my blog!
  2. Your blog has over 200 followers – what advice would you give to new bloggers to grow to that following?
    Instagram really helped with my engagement early on. Before I launched my site, I connected with a few teen bloggers on instagram who turned what would have been a zero into 5 or 10 for my first few weeks of blogging!! Don’t get me wrong, I did not grow at all at first; it took me three months to reach 25 followers on my blog! Know that your content will improve over time, which will help you gain followers, so be patient!!
  3. You’ve mentioned quite a few times on your blog that you don’t really enjoy school, what made you want to start your blog then as writing is obviously a huge part of blogging!
    It’s actually hilarious that you bring that up, Zainab!! I really do complain about school a lot, which begs to question: Why do I blog? My hatred for school stemmed out of the social aspect. I am not a sociable person, so being crammed in a building with 800 kids really stressed me out. I was always miserable in school because of that, not to mention the fact that homework is the worst! Despite that, I love to write. I’ve always been into writing, so it made perfect sense for me to have a blog!
  4. Also, you’ve written a whole blog post about how nobody you know actually knows about your blog; what prompted you to make the decision on keeping your blog private?
    I wanted to write about my relationships, and to do that comfortably, I figured that it was best that no one knew about my blog. I wanted to write about my relationships, and to do that comfortably, I figured that it was best that no one knew about my blog. I’m also a very private person in general, who hates any attention on myself. Not that anyone in my school would care, but I would feel rather self conscious and my writing wouldn’t be terribly open and honest.

Thanks so much for coming on the blog Meghan! Be sure to check out her blog and Instagram!

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9 thoughts on “Blogger’s Confessions With Meghan from Meghan’s Teen Life

  1. EOmah

    Zainab…pretty name, are you Nigerian? Cause if you are I would be delighted, I’m also a Nigerian teenage blogger and it’s definitely rare to meet fellow bloggers.
    Btw liked the interview, I’ve also read Meghan’s blog, I think it’s cool too.

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