My Productive After School Routine – Collab With Catherine

Hi everyone, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today, I’m super excited for this post as it’s a collaboration with one of my best blogging friends: Catherine from Cath Jane Blog! We will both be doing productivity themed posts; she will be doing ‘ How To Be Productive On A Dark Rainy Day!’ Check it out here! Let’s jump into this post!

3:00 till 3:15 – Bullet Journalling:
When I get home, I tend to write my to do list in my bullet journal; I usually do this the night before but obviously plans can change so I like to just update the list with things I need to get done in the afternoon!

3:30 till 4:30 – Homework / Revision:
The first proper thing I do after I get home from school is homework and revision sessions. I just find it easier to get it done straight away!

Extracurricular Activities:
So the reason I haven’t included a time stamp is that I try to do an extra curricular activity every day; it varies from Guides to Karate or even Tuition! All the timings for them are different so it really just depends on the day!

5:00 – Promoting Blog Posts ( Only Thursdays And Sundays):
When I have a new blog post going out on that day I usually spend some time promoting it; I really want my readers’ thoughts!

6:30 – Dinner:
I don’t have dinner at this exact time every day but this is the rough time; again it really depends on what extracurricular activity I have!

9:45 – Bed:
So, I really don’t do anything productive in between dinner and my time to go to bed but having an early night is always the best thing to do!

Thanks so much for reading guys; let me know how you are productive in the comments! make sure you check out Catherine’s post! And her Instagram and Goodreads!

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Have an great day!

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