5 Self Care Ideas – Collab With The Blogger Squad

Hi everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today, I’m collaborating with some of my favourite bloggers from the ‘Blogger Squad!’ We will be bringing all of you self care related posts; I will link all the girls at the end of this post; for now let’s jump into it!

Have A Pamper Evening:
A pamper evening is probably one of the most obvious methods of self care. Treat yourself with fragrances, bubble baths and a relaxing time!

For anybody who feels a bit stressed and wants self care; meditation is the most perfect option! It is a great way to calm down and practice your breathing if you feel upset or mad!

Reading A Book:
This is such a simple way to make time for yourself. You can pick any book that you think is interesting whether it’s a biography or a fantasy! If you’re set on a self care theme you can find many self help books to read!

Yoga / Workout:
If you want to do some physical self care, this is the perfect option! Yoga is great for someone who doesn’t usually workout but wants to improve your physical health. If you love exercising, working out is perfect for you!

Going Outdoors:
When you go outside, you can just feel nature and the atmosphere and it’s so relaxing! Whether it’s a jog or a run you really feel so much better when going outside!

Thank you so much for reading this post everyone, be sure to check out all the girls in this collaboration:
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Have an great week!

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