Interview With Heidi From Absolute Heidi

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today, I’m going to interview Heidi who you may know as Absolute Heidi from YouTube! Let’s jump into the interview!

1) First of all, thank you Heidi for agreeing to be interviewed! Why don’t you share a bit about you and your content to anybody who isn’t familiar with you!

Hi! Thank you! My name is Heidi and I have the YouTube channel ‘AbsoluteHeidi’ where I create lifestyle videos!! I currently have 9000 subscribers which is so exciting!!! I’ve been doing Youtube for over 2 years🤍

Photo From Heidi’s Instagram (@absoluteheidiofficial)

2) Your videos are always super fun to watch; what do you think your favourite video on your channel is and why?

My favourite video on my channel would probably be my morning routines + vlogs as they are super fun to film + edit!!🤍

3) You have recently hit 9000 subscribers – which is incredible! What would be your biggest growth tip for growing your Youtube Channel and content creating platforms? Are there any do’s and don’ts people should know about?

I’d probably say consistently is key! It takes so much time to grow your channel! Having nice thumbnails that people would click on and videos that are easy to watch eg: not having noise in the background ect.. defo helps too!!💗

Photo From Heidi’s Instagram (@absoluteheidiofficial)

4) On your channel, you have also mentioned you will be doing your GCSEs this year! How do you overcome the difficult challenge of balancing content creating and youtube? Do you have any advice for other young creators trying to do the same thing? I sometimes struggle with a blog so what’s your perspective on this having a Youtube channel?

Even though my GCSEs have been cancelled 😦 I still feel that is was very hard to balance everything especially with my channel! As my channel grew i felt like when I was missing uploads I was letting people down 😦 so I felt very stressed with trying to get all my schoolwork and channel bits done! But now we are online is it a bit easier:)

5) Your video editing is also amazing, what softwares do you use to edit and what tips would you give to make editing Youtube videos easier for beginners?

I use iMovie! It’s definitely a good beginners app.. however I will be upgrading to Final Cut Pro soon!! I learnt editing by watching YouTube tutorials, so it all about practice:))

Video On Heidi’s YouTube (Absolute Heidi)

6) For the final question, what do you think your next milestone is on your Youtube and Instagram. You are growing so fast so where do you think you would want to be this time next year?

I would say my next milestone for YouTube would of course be the big 10k!! That has been my biggest dream since I started watching and making videos! So exceeding that would be insane!!! 🥺

Thank you so much to Heidi for participating in this interview!

Heidi’s Links:

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