Black Lives Always Matter

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats, this post is going to be another ‘World Issues’ post. I’ve noticed that lately the BLM Movement has been decreasing in popularity so I want to try and spread awareness again! Let’s jump into it!

What Is The BLM Movement?
The Black Lives Movement is a campaign to stop racism. It’s been around since 2013 by using #BlackLivesMatter on social media but only in 2020 it became extremely mainstream when a man named George Floyd was wrongfully killed by a policeman. When this happened, Black Lives Matter dramatically grew in popularity and everyone was trying to do their part. Over 26.5 Million accounts have used #BlackLivesMatter on social media!

How Can You Help?
There are many different things you can do to help the movement – so I’ll list some of them below!

The first thing is signing petitions: such a simple, easy and efficient way to get your voice heard – make sure you share petitions too!

Another thing you can do is donate. The Black Lives Matter website has a donation page where you can donate as little as £1. Whatever you can give will really help grow their campaign and fight for justice!

Using #BlackLivesMatter will also help your followers understand the movement -whether you have a large following or a small following – and help spread the message. However, please make sure you share educational resources too ad don’t just post that generic black square!

The final thing you can do is protest. Protests are such an amazing way to get your voice heard – but make sure you attend peaceful ones! Currently, protests may not be the best idea due to COVID 19 but if you’re in a place in the world where you might be COVID free you could find a protest and get your voice heard! If you aren’t COVID free and you’d like to protest, please make sure you take necessary precautions.

Your Opinions:
I asked for you guys in the blog comments and on Instagram to share your opinions on the BLM Movement so I’m going to share them below!

Black Lives Matter Website
Donate To The BLM Movement
Petitions About Black Lives Matter

I hope this blog post has been useful for anybody wanting to learn more about the movement. I think it’s horrible the movement is decreasing in popularity as it was treated like a ‘trend.’ So, I challenge you to make a post about BLM to spread awareness for this issue!

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18 thoughts on “Black Lives Always Matter

  1. Habibata Diallo

    It’s quite sad how even in this time racism is still a problem. It’s been centuries and nothings changed. Thanks for spreading the awareness Zainab.

    Liked by 2 people

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