Ways To Stay Positive During A Pandemic – Guest Post

Hey everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today, I have another guest post. A couple of weels ago I did a post about staying positive during the last couple of weeks of the lockdown, but I realised a lot of countries are still in lockdown and haven’t got any plans to ease them. So, today, I invited Maddie from My Teen Journey to submit a guest post about keeping positive during a pandemic! Let’s jump into the post!

Lets face it – its extremely challenging to stay positive during a worldwide pandemic. People are getting very sick, even fatally ill. Nothing is “normal” anymore, and politics are going crazy. Its basically a equation for disaster, but its not impossible think, and stay positive!! So I have decided to come and write down my favorite tips for staying positive during the Covid-19 explosion!

“Surround” yourself with positive people
Obviously, its hard to be surrounded by others, when you are ordered to stay at home, social distance, and follow guidelines. But its possible! Be around family members(that live with you) that are positive, helpful, and fun!!! Get together with friends through zoom, or other video calling platforms. You can play games, chat, and enjoy yourself. If its possible, you can get together with others outside, with masks, and social distancing. During these times, you sometimes have to think outside the box 🙂

“Escape” from the world
When only negative feedback is coming from News Channels, friends, and family, it gets overwhelming, and tough. To get away from all this, I first off, recommend just turning off all devices. Stop reading/watching the news, or TV. Stop playing video games, or just being online! Rather, start reading a good book, have some quality sleep, draw, or play. Your mind will calm down, and immediately feel better.

Look for the silver lining
Even though there might be a international pandemic, there are still some positive parts! You get to spend more time with close family, because, well you are stuck inside with them. Your relationships can grow, and you can enjoy and appreciate being stuck together. Its also a perfect time to start cleaning your house, organizing, and neatening up. Also, you have the perfect excuse to bing-watch your favorite TV show now!! There are so many other opportunities as well.

Get Creative
I personally have token the past year (sigh, Yes, its been a full year) to get creative!! Everything from drawing, sewing, to dancing and more, can be done at home. Its a great time to create a blog, YouTube channel, or online store to get rid of the boredom. 5. Help Others Believe it or not, when you are feeling down, helping others can bring you up. When you buy groceries for a neighbor, donate to people in need, or help out somewhere, you immediately feel much better! Not only is it profitable for who you are helping, it also is profitable for yourself.

Get outside
When the only other option than staying inside, is going outside, take advantage of this! Its a perfect time to start something new, like morning jogs, nighttime walks with the family, gardening, and other outdoorsy stuff. Not only is it so good for your health to be outside and active daily, it also clears up your mind, and freshening you up.

Eat Healthy
So many people have picked up the hobby of cooking, or baking, as well as going Vegan, or other diets during the Pandemic. Start cooking for the family, not only will they appreciate it, but you will enjoy it, and finally enjoy yourself. Set a weight loss/gain goal, and try to accomplish it! Or just have some fun with food.

There are so many sites or courses out there, including Khan Academy, EDX, Coursera, and that’s only to name a few! Sign yourself up, and learn a bunch about new topics, that interest you. Research your dream career, or start a new interest! There are also opportunities like local online activities.

Be realistic – but positive
During such hard times, you definitely should maintain, or create a positive mindset. Think of what the best that could happen be. But its also unsafe to unrealistically think positive. You need to be prepared that it could get worse, or something bad could happen. It will be harder to get through something challenging, if you thought it would be much better. But, that doesn’t mean it will get worse! You need to find a balance between Positivism, and realistic thoughts. Easier said then done 🙂

Last, but definitely not least, SMILE! Even if your face is covered with a Mask, take the time to smile at happy things. Just right now – I smiled, and I already feel better. It does make a difference, to you, and others seeing that smile crawl onto your face! Be happy, and think positive.

I hope these tips will help you maintain and accomplish a more positive life during a Pandemic! Don’t forget to stay safe, as well. Have a great day,
-The Adventurous Blogger ❤
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Thanks so much for reading guys, be sure to check out Maddie’s blog and links above!

Before I go, I just wanted to share a link to a great YouTube Video about how gratitude can increase Positivity by a Youtuber called, ‘Casually Matthew’ which you should definitely check out here and also embedded below!

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