3 Birthday Ideas While Staying At Home

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! I know celebrating birthdays at home can be difficult. So today, I’ll be sharing my favourite birthday ideas!

Have A Nice Dinner With Family
Since we are all staying at home, having a nice dinner will allow you to still feel a little bit of normality while making a big deal on your special day! My mum did this for me last year and I was so grateful for that so you definitely should try this.

Do A Big Zoom Call With Friends
If you’re staying at home, then doing a big zoom call is a great alternative to a party! The only thing is that it may not be as interactive. In the UK, people can meet up with up to 6 people but there’s no way I could pick 6 friends – so if you’re in the same situation, Zoom or FaceTime are great alternatives.

Spend The Day Doing What You Want!
Just remember, this year has been challenging for everyone, so on your special day make sure you do what you want to do what you want. Remember you deserve it!

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Have a lovely week everyone!


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