End Of School Year Exam Advice

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! It’s been a while since I did a school related post. Right now, it’s End Of Year Exam Season in schools in the UK. So today, I’m sharing some End Of School Year Exam Advice – let’s jump into it!

Make An Exam Timetable
So I’m sure if you’re doing GCSEs or A Levels your school has already made a timetable for you, but if you’re not in those years like me (I still have two years to go!) and you still need to plan your days, creating an exam timetable is key! Knowing what exams are on what days will really allow you to plan your revision sessions accordingly and will be super helpful for this next tip.

Create A Revision Timetable
This is slightly different to an exam timetable as for this, you can get really intricate into what and how you want to revise. It also allows you to timeblock your revision and break session as well as letting you revise multiple things on the same day!

Use A Range Revision Resources
Multiple and different revision resources will really allow you to find the best way you can learn and it can make your learning a lot more efficient. You can create your own, but this might be time consuming so it would only be useful if you create them as you go through your course. There are a lot of free revision sites out there though that are super helpful. My personal favourite is Seneca as it has practically every subject. Also, LifeAt.IO which allows you to study and concentrate in a specific area!

Have A Healthy Work – Life Balance
It’s super important to have a balance between your life and work because you do not want to overwork yourself. If you do that, you won’t get the best results so it’s super important you take breaks so you can do the best revision!

Thank you so much for reading this post everyone, comment if you have any exam advice to share!

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Have a lovely day everyone!

14 thoughts on “End Of School Year Exam Advice

  1. thewheelchairteen

    I much prefer coursework to exams – I’m pretty bad at them. I usually just write some important points down by guessing what the exam question will probably be – then I read over my draft exam and memorise it. When it’s time for the exam to happen, I write down everything I memorised. It’s a very bad method though, your method seems much more efficient in preparing properly for the exam.

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