My Interview On The Blogger Up Series

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today’s blog post is slightly different as I got the lovely opportunity to be interviewed by Nabeeha Jameel from the Brainstorms blog – so today I’ll be sharing my interview with you all! Be sure to check out the original post here and give Nabeeha a follow, now let’s jump into Nabeeha’s interview! from the Blogger Up Series! (Nabeeha’s questions are in bold!)

1. When did you start Zainab Chats, and what inspired you to?

I started Zainab Chats in April 2020. (I started at about the same time too, after being devastated and confused after my O-level Examinations got cancelled) I actually had a previous blog on Blogger called: Z.H Blogs but I really just wanted to rebrand – we were in the middle of lockdown and I couldn’t see us coming out any time soon so I decided to start Zainab Chats to spread positivity to others! (YAY🎊!)

2. I really like the whole aesthetic of your blog. What theme have you used?

Thank you so much! I use the free WordPress theme: Canape

3. Does your blog focus on a specific niche?

 I mainly focus on Positivity but I also do other niche-related posts such as Reviews, Study Tips and Lifestyle!

4. Throughout your blogging journey what is one thing that has been a constant challenge?

I’m very thankful my blogging journey hasn’t been much of a challenge. However, one thing that has been a challenge (not specifically about my own blog) but it’s been keeping up with other people’s blogs. Through school and other activities I find it quite difficult to consistently go through WordPress Reader and read other people’s lovely blogs. It’s not a challenge I’ve fully overcome but I’m getting there! (I can relate, but my constant struggle mostly revolves around being consistent with my posts and keeping up with life at the same time😬)

5. I noticed that Zainab Chats has an Instagram account. How has the Instagram account helped with your blogging journey? 

The Instagram account really helped me grow my blog in the beginning. Now, I tend to focus less on growth and use the account to interact more with my followers which is not something I can really do in the comments of blog posts.

6. What is your favourite post on Zainab Chats and Why?

That’s such a hard question, but I’d have to say my 100 Followers Special as it was such a big moment for me and I honestly never thought I’d get there. It was also a fun post as I got to react to people’s assumptions about me! (The satisfaction when you reach a 100 followers is indescribable! I cannot wait for your blog to reach 1K!)

7. Where do you see your blog three years from now? 

Three years from now, I hope to have grown by blog and to be posting a lot more than twice a week. I don’t like to predict too much as things can change but I hope I’m still blogging and have a lovely community

8. What is the favourite thing you own and why?

 I’d have to say my Bullet Journal – it really lets me plan my days so much more efficiently then a regular planner. I’ve actually almost finished it so I’ll be getting a new one soon!

9. Any secret talents that no one knows about?

Honestly, I don’t think so – I’m a pretty open book! (😂 Great!)

10. Imagine you met the Genie, what are the three things you would wish for?

I’d probably wish for: World Peace, A Happy Family and for Others to be happy too!

Be sure to check out Nabeeha’s blog, and other then that, thank you so much for reading! I hope you learned a bit more about me!

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Have a lovely day everyone!


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