Embracing Positivity In The World Around Us | AD

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! I’m super excited for this blog post because for today’s post, I’m going to talk all about positivity in our world and how you can embrace it! This post is all in partnership with Photowall – we’ll get to that later, for now let’s jump into the post!

Why It’s Important To Embrace Our World’s Positivity
Embracing positivity in our world is super important for so many reasons, but some may not be as obvious as you think! One of the biggest reasons is to be respectful, you might be in a foreign country, and if you don’t know much about that country’s culture or some basic phrases people may not like this.

It’s also important because this knowledge can always help you in the future, whether it’s general knowledge, or telling others, or just wanting to learn more about other countries in the world. Embracing positivity in our world is always going to be beneficial to you!

How Can We Embrace Our World’s Positivity

  • Being Open To Learn About Different Cultures
  • Try To Learn Basic Phrases In Other Languages (Schools usually will teach you a foreign language!)
  • Try And Visit Countries You Wouldn’t Usually Travel To
  • Have A World Map In Your Room

World Maps
Thank you to Photowall for collaborating with me for this final part of the post. A world map is super important to have in a room because you can analyse the world, mark where you’ve travelled in the world, use it for Geography, it’s just a beautiful addition to a room and a great conversation piece. You can also learn something new every time you look at the map!

For me, the places I love looking most on my map are, the UK (as I live there, Pakistan (as I have family there) and the UAE (as I had such a fun time on holiday there!) Based on the world map, I think the next place I’d like to go is Japan as their culture seems super interesting – and I also do karate and I’d love to train at one of the big dojos.

Find All The World Map Options On Photowall
Order The World Map I Picked On Photowall

About Photowall
Photowall is a wall art company passionate about using their prints to help reflect their personalities! They have so many options to choose from (and if that doesn’t satisfy you, they also give customers the option to upload their own photos.) They have such fast delivery and 4.8 stars on Trust Pilot, all while creating amazing Prints, Wall Art, Murals, Wallpaper – what more could you want?!

Photowall already have such amazing prices for such great quality products, but of course I had to get you all a discount code. Use the code: zainabchatsii25 to get 25% off your next order at Photowall valid for two months (so make sure you order quickly)! Let me know what print you would purchase!

Thanks so much for reading this post guys, be sure to check out Photowall and let me know what print you would choose, and where you’d like to travel to in the future, in the comments!

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Have a lovely day everyone!

This post is a gifted collaboration with Photowall however all opinions and views expressed were my own and were genuine.


8 thoughts on “Embracing Positivity In The World Around Us | AD

  1. 𝓔𝓮𝓼𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓲 💜

    I just found your blog, and I already love it!! My sister has a world map in her room, and I really want one, because I love travelling and Geography and that kind of stuff. Maybe I’ll see if I can get one from Photowall…..?
    I don’t have family in Pakistan, but I have family close to there- India.
    -Eeshani ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zainab

      Aww that’s so sweet! Ooh then you should definitely get one from Photowall – if you do remember you can get a discount 😉 Aww that’s nice! Thank you for reading!


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