Interview With Carmen Applegate – Founder Of The Girly Girl Podcast

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Carmen Applegate, she’s the host of the highly successful Girly Girl Podcast. In this interview, we’ll be chatting about how to create and grow podcasts, her advice for you guys and more. Let’s jump into the interview!

Carmen, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed on my blog, for anybody that doesn’t know about you could you explain a bit about yourself and your content!

I’m Carmen and I host The Girly Girl Podcast, which is pretty much a teen advice, very chill podcast. It talks about anything and everything each episode has a different topic ranging from anxiety and periods to self confidence and summer glow ups. Literally anything, and it’s really fun!

I also have an Instagram and TikTok where I try to upload uplifting content (body positivity, self love, etc).

Thanks for having me, I’m really excited to chat with you!

I love all those topics! So we’re going to start off talking about the Girly Girl Podcast, could you talk a bit about how and why you started the podcast, what was your ‘lightbulb moment?’

So I started my podcast in August 2020. Around that time I had a blog, but I just was not really feeling it anymore, it was making me feel burnout and I didn’t enjoy the process anymore and also at the time I had been listening to a lot of podcasts. So I thought ‘Hmm how hard can that be?!’ and I love learning new things so I literally got on my laptop and googled ‘How To Start A Podcast?’ and maybe two days later, I had posted my first episode albeit it wasn’t great – but that’s okay it’s a learning process!

I want to say there was a big reason why I was like ‘Yes I’m going to start this!’ But honestly, I was just bored and needed something to do, it was the end of Summer and I’m so glad I started it, it’s had a very positive effect on my life, and I get a lot of DMs about other people’s lives so it’s been very rewarding and a really fun experience!

Photo From Girly Girl Podcast Instagram (@thegirlygirlpodcast)

You’ve had such a positive effect on others lives, listening to the podcast, I can definitely tell! One thing I love about your podcast (and is kind of different to other teen podcasts) is that you don’t hold back! You’re willing to talk about issues some other teens may be scared talking about and sharing real storytimes which is what’s so unique about your podcast! Why do you think it’ so important that teens (especially teenage girls) have a platform like this to be able to know they’re not alone?

Well I know for myself, when I was growing up, I didn’t know where to look, and I didn’t feel comfortable asking my mom or one of my friends because I thought that would be too embarrassing. So, I always looked at Google, Youtube etc. And I don’t know if you guys have looked but, on these platforms it’s pretty hard to find advice from people that actually relate to us – so I just imagine myself from when I was younger and didn’t have anyone to turn to. I just wanted to be that person, I guess for my younger self, or for people that need a friend that they can turn to when something happens.

And honestly, once you talk about something that you may find uncomfortable, the more normal it will be because a lot of the things I say, I’m like ‘Should I be saying that?’ but it brings yourself out of your comfort zone, and you have to think about the impact, on people’s lives and think about whose on the receiving end and may need help.

Yeah you’re right we need to normalise being open to talk about any issue – which is what I love about your podcast. Speaking of the podcast, you’ve grown yours to over 300K Downloads, what advice could you give to anybody out there whose looking to start or grow a podcast? What are your must-do tips?

Yeah of course! So I think the biggest thing is staying consistent. I know that seems pretty basic, but it’s quite hard to do, you have school (maybe a job) you have other things going on in your life, so it’s easy to push something off. But I think consistency lets people know that they can rely on you, and honestly, it depends on if you want it to be a hobby or a job, for me personally, I view it as a job. But if you view it as a hobby, that’s great, you can post whenever, it can be very chill.

Also, another thing that helps is utilising social media, just trying different things, interacting with other creators, posting things your audience would relate to (not just promotional stuff). Whatever your audience, whether teen girls or boys, post something they would want to know!

Photo From Girly Girl Podcast Instagram (@thegirlygirlpodcast)

Yeah I think that’s great advice not just for podcasts but any form of content creating. So I want to touch on your blog you mentioned earlier, which wasn’t really the right fit for you. So why do you think you prefer having a Podcast to a Blog or YouTube Channel?

Honestly for me, a blog felt really impersonal and I thought it would be easier to share things going on my life by talking to a camera and actually being able to hear my voice and I personally enjoy the process a lot more, it’s very therapeutic and really great for my mental health to be able to talk things out so the blog didn’t really fit with me. I think for a lot of people, it just depends on your style and what you’re going for, for me, a podcast was more personal

I never really thought about YouTube, I think the thing about that is I’m a fairly lazy person. So I don’t think I could go through all the editing. And I pretty much saw YouTube as the video form of a blog where it’s like ’10 Tips For Summer’ or something like that! Like I said previously, that wasn’t really my style and personally I can talk for a while, so it’s been fun!

It’s been really fun listening to the podcast! So I notice quite often you open the floor to your listeners and ask them to submit their stories. So why did you want to showcase other people’s storytimes aswell?

Well, I’ve only had so much experience, I’m 17, and my podcast is about giving advice and sharing life experiences. And I think it’s really great for building a community too, to hear what other people have gone through and to be able to say ‘I relate to that too!’ because a lot of the stories I get, are all super similar, and when I read through them, I think they’re all super funny! It’s really fun to share people’s stories and also as a listener to think ‘What is she going to say about my story?’ and it’s a fun community thing!

I saw on the What We Said Podcast that they had a storytime episode and I thought that was a great idea. So I try to do one usually the first week of every month and it’s gotten a good response and I really liked it!

Photo From Girly Girl Podcast Instagram (@thegirlygirlpodcast)

Speaking of advice, what would be your go-to piece of advice that you would give teenagers or kids about to become a teenager?

I’d say the biggest thing would be to do whatever you want! As I remember when I was younger in middle school, I’d be so worried about what other people would think about what I was doing. And honestly that stopped me from trying something new whether it was trying a sport, talking to someone, posting something etc. I would always stop myself thinking ‘Wait what if this goes wrong?’ It’s so important to remember literally nobody cares, everyone is so focused on what they’re doing they won’t care. So, if someone is making fun of you, they’re wasting their time sending their energy to you, when they could use to do something cool – which you’re doing and they’re not! Most people think whatever you’re doing is cool anyway or they’ll just be like ‘Good for you’ so it’s not as big a deal you might think.

Yeah I saw a quote that said, surround yourself with people that have the same energy as you – and it’s so relevant to what you just said! So going slightly offtrack, can you share some of your own favourite podcasts?

This is so hard because I go through phases between which podcasts I listen to. But right now, I think my favourite one is Wild ‘Til 9 which is slightly inappropriate if you’re younger, but it’s honestly so funny and I really like it. I also really like Call Me Candid they’re not posting anymore but it’s really good for businesses, Check Your Aesthetic is also business-type podcast. I like the Seriously Not Serious podcast, which is similar to mine!

They sound so cool! Your podcast and your content have already grown so much but where do you see yourself in the next few years in terms of your podcasts’s growth, or even your own personal development?

That’s a great question! I do the podcast for fun, I do see it as something serious that I put a lot of time and energy into, but for me it’s not healthy for my mental health so think about specific numbers I want to hit. So, I just want to stay consistent, have it remain a positive impact on my life. So, if it turns out to be toxic, I’m not having fun, or getting burnout and overall makes my life worse, that’t not something I’d want to be doing. Yeah so not a serious goal but to try and effect people and see what I can do and see the impact I can make!

Honestly everything you just mentioned is much better then numerical goals anyway! Thank you so much for coming Carmen! Where can everyone go to find out more about your podcast and yourself?

You can find my podcast on any podcast streaming platform, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and also on YouTube. My Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest is @thegirlygirlpodcast

Thank you so much for reading this post everyone, be sure to check out Carmen and The Girly Girl Podcast! Let me know in the comments your favourite podcasts or if you’ve heard Carmen’s before!

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