Reflecting On 2021

Hey everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back! So, I’m back from my mini holiday break, I had a lovely week with my family, so I just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays, although slightly late! So, for today’s post, I’m going to reflecting on 2021. You may recall that at the start of 2021, I did a post called Goals For 2021 so I’ll be reflecting on those goals and whether I achieved my resolutions!

1st 2021 Goal – Not Being Hard On Myself

This was my main goal for this year, and I’m happy to say I did achieve this. I’ve definitely started to be more sympathetic with myself (if that’s the right word!) And I always try to learn from things I get wrong now, and don’t really get upset with myself anymore – which is defintiely an improvement!

2nd 2021 Goal – Working Out More

I’d say I sort of achieved this goal. Sometimes I go through phases of working out a lot, and sometimes I just stop. So, I have achieved this – but with a lack of consistency. However, I have been doing a lot more sports this year, so I kind of got this goal!

3rd 2021 Goal – Making More ‘Me’ Time

This is a goal I’d like to carry into next year. Honestly, this year I was putting way too much on my plate – and wasn’t making any time for myself. I might do the same next year, so I’m going to try and find a way to continue this goal!

4th 2021 Goal – Being More Grateful

Gratitude is definitely something I’m continuously working on, but I definitely think I’m getting better. These past months have really helped me improve my gratitude, even saying simple ‘thank you’ more often is improving gratitude!

5th 2021 Goal – Get To 500 Blog Followers

Although I haven’t gotten there yet, I’m super close to 500 – and I’m so grateful for more of you guys in the community. It’s not about numbers, it’s more about having more people to chat with in the blogosphere, so I’m definitely happy to have connected with more of you!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I’d love to know how you did on your 2021 goals. Let me know in the comments!

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See you in the new year!


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