The Life of A Teen Blogger – Advice To Make Blogging Easier

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog. I always get asked what it’s like being a teen blogger – so I’ll be sharing my ‘routine’ of being a blogger and sharing advice along the way!

Throughout The Week

Whatever blogger you are, throughout your week you’re always trying to find inspiration for blog posts, because it gets harder and harder. Also, bloggers are always trying to engage with other blogs throughout the week before it’s another great source of inspiration and interaction with the incredible community – and it’s also beneficial for your blog!

Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday morning, I write up my blog posts in order to make time for other things throughout the rest of the week, it’s much more efficient. Using the scheduling feature on WordPress really helps with prioritising your life too!

5pm Thursdays and Sundays

Every Thursday and Sunday at 5pm, I schedule my blog posts to go live. Like I said previously, it allows me to get things done even when blog posts go live.

Biggest Blogging Tip

I always get asked the most important advice for teen bloggers who have other things to do. I’d say organisation. Have a set day to write posts, a set time for them to go live, a set place to note down all your ideas. I know it all seems like a bit much, but this will all be really helpful in the long run!

Thank you so much everyone for reading this, be sure to comment your blogging routine and how it makes life easier!

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Have a fabulous week!


21 thoughts on “The Life of A Teen Blogger – Advice To Make Blogging Easier

    • Zainab

      Thank you so much Alina! Honestly, I ask myself this sometimes as well. As you probably know, I want to be a TV Presenter 😆 and I’ve kind of set that as one big goal – and I feel like everything I do is working towards it. So, I know this will benefit me. So, I’d just say dreaming big is the best thing I could say!! What are some of your dreams?

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    • Zainab

      Thank you so much! I just started as I wanted a platform to express myself and it was around December 2019 and I’ve been doing it since then. Actually not a lot of time since I bulk write my posts which take 90mins roughly and spend some times every day on WP reader so maybe a few hours a week!

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