What’s Happening To Our Food System? (Sharing the Inequities, Ways To Help & More)

Hey everyone, Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! So, for today’s post, I wanted to share a lot of information I’ve recently learned. You may remember that at the beginning of 2021 I did a post about Child Food Poverty which talked a lot about free school meals.

Since that post went live, I’ve been doing a lot more research and wanted to help – so I actually joined an organisation that has taught me so much about the food system. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing how the food system is rigged against young people, how we can help and more!

What Are The Inequities In Our Food System?

The food system doesn’t necessarily seem like a grand scale problem, but it has massive impacts on us due to the inequality. I’ll be sharing just a few problems.

A major problem right now is junk food advertising. There are floods of these advertisements wherever young people go. And this is a problem. Big companies use this advertising to draw young people to junk food due to the quantity of the advertising. So, how are children and teenagers supposed to make healthy choices when we’re constantly surrounded by junk food marketing?

Pricing is also a big problem. Most people will be able to relate to me when they’re in their school canteen, and a cookie is much more cheaper then a piece of fruit. So, if you’re from a lower income background you’re more inclined to go for the unhealthy choice, or if it’s just out of financial convenience: you’ll go for the unhealthy choice. This is not right, people from all backgrounds should all have the same access to healthy foods!

Not having the right food in our body is going to impact our physical health but also our mental health in environments such as school – where we’re required to be fuelled up in order to be able to learn properly!

How We Can Make A Change

There are many things we can do to help with change – anything, big or small, will be helpful!

A small, local thing you could do is ask for change in your school. If you see issues around pricing, or maybe a lack of healthy options meaning it’s unfair for others. Try and do something about it. Ask others in school how it’s making them feel, if you’re school asks for feedback – give them feedback! Local changes in school is a step to tackling the bigger problem!

Supporting larger organisations is also super helpful. I’d definitely recommend you check out BiteBack2030, they have ran so many successful campaigns and are youth led. Supporting them can really help you to learn more about the food system, check out their website for more information! The Food Foundation also has so much useful information and resources to educate others!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, if you have any thoughts on the food system, please comment them below. I’d love to talk about it!

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7 thoughts on “What’s Happening To Our Food System? (Sharing the Inequities, Ways To Help & More)

  1. Pooja G

    From what I’ve seen and experienced the biggest problem is the price. With inflation increasing and wages staying low buying healthy food is definitely difficult. When I first started trying to consciously eat healthier and ethically the first thing I noticed was how expensive it was. It’s just cheaper for a lot of people to eat unhealthy and that’s why they choose that option. Really insightful post about a very important topic!

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