How You Can Come Up With New Blog Content Ideas

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post, is going to be me addressing the hardest thing for bloggers: coming up with new content. Every blogger will have times where they cannot think of posts or new content. I struggle with this a lot. So, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how I come up with new ideas!

Look Back At Your Blog Archives

Looking at your blog archives is a great way of seeing the kind of content you used to write for the blog, and you can maybe rewrite some posts – but in a better way now that your blog has evolved! Obviously, if you’ve had a whole niche rebrand then you may not be able to do this completely, but you can still look at old posts and see if you can get ideas from them or redo them!

Think About What Holidays or Events Are Coming Up

Holidays and events are universal, and they really help boost your content ideas because you can get inspiration from the event or what other people do for the event. For example, my recent post about Self Love was written in February because that was the month of Valentine’s Day.

Have A Series To Get Readers Involved

There are sort of two parts to this. A series is very useful as it’s continuous so it will always allow you to keep similar posts publishing on a regular basis. And the next part is to keep readers involved, this way they can always be feeding back to you on content they’d like to see and how to improve your blog!

Draw Inspiration From the WordPress Reader

I always talk about the WordPress Reader as it’s the best way to get inspiration. There’s nothing wrong at getting ideas from someone else (but please make sure you give credit!) For example, I actually got the idea for the first tip in this post from Natalie Belle’s Blog, so go check out her wonderful posts! I tend to look through my ‘following’ and also the ‘discover’ page on the reader because I see content from people I know and also content I hadn’t thought of before!

Look At Trends From Other Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube also have bloggers and other creators. And trends on those platforms tend to grow much more then blog trends. So if you see a trend on Youtube, why not make it into a blog post? You can get people involved and it would be super fun for you!

I hope this post was useful for you all, I know it will be for future me! If you have any other tips for coming up with new content – please comment it down below to help others.

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24 thoughts on “How You Can Come Up With New Blog Content Ideas

  1. haoyando

    Wonderful advice. Now when I can’t come up with an idea, I just give up. I used to think many hours but not having anything. LOL. It is a difficult balance. You are right. We should explore different options to get over the block.

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    • Zainab

      Ahh okay, that’s understandable! So, I would say pick 2-3 days out of the week. (I’d mainly say 2 but if you have a lot of ideas, then you can pick three days). And schedule your posts for those days and stick to it! So, for example if you pick Monday and Thursday, consistently publish posts each week on those days (preferably the same time too!) And if you’re worried about being busy at different times which is why you may not have a schedule, pick a different day of the week to sit down and schedule your posts for the week – it makes life so much easier! That was a lot to explain in one comment: so I’m linking to one of my previous posts which explains this a lot better!

      How You Can Balance Blogging With Your Life

      Hope this was helpful! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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