The Idea of Blooming & How We Can Bloom

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Today’s blog post is going to be on an area of positivity that I’ve never really thought of before, which is Blooming. I recently learned more about Blooming from my good friend Rue’s: Blooming Diaries blog posts. I’ve loved this concept since I read her post, so today I want to share more about what I’ve learned and how we can all learn to bloom!

Someone who is blooming looks attractively healthy and full of energy.

Collins Dictionary

Shared above, is what the dictionary defines blooming as. It describes ‘blooming’ as an adjective where you could say it’s someone who is thriving physically and mentally. For me, I don’t necessarily think this is what blooming is – I think this is the goal of blooming and practising it!

What Blooming Is To Me

When I think of ‘blooming’ I think of it as a verb. When you state that a flower is blooming, you know it’s growing and is taking in everything it needs to become a full grown flower.
This is what I associate with the term blooming for humans. I believe, it’s constant growth to try become the best version of yourself, or as the dictionary previously defined it: ‘attractively healthy and full of energy.’
I am aiming to keep blooming as a continuous cycle in my life, a way for me to grow and learn. You can constantly bloom in every aspect at life and it’s growth that can never stop – which I definitely want to keep up!

Areas Of Life To Bloom In

In every aspect of life you can learn, and hence bloom. Whatever your age or stage of life you’re in, I believe it’s always possible! A few areas to bloom in are:

  • Physically (Growing in fitness)
  • Mentally (Growing in mental health)
  • Spiritually (Growing in religious connection)
  • Academically (Growing in school)
  • Socially (Growing in interactions)

Some Ways To Bloom

One of the easiest ways to bloom is just trying something new. It’s super easy and also means you get to develop and expand your skillset even more. If you want to physically bloom, why not try a new sport?

If you want to start slow, instead of jumping into a foreign activity straight away, further developing a skill might be better. For example, if you want to physically bloom in a sport you already know, you could up the intensity to that you’re still challenging yourself!

Whatever or however you choose to bloom doesn’t matter, it’s just making sure you know you’re pushing yourself (even a little) and will grow over time!

Thank you guys so much for reading, blooming is such a new concept to me, so I thoroughly enjoyed writing this and I can’t wait to practice it more! Make sure you read Rue’s Blooming Diaries as I got inspiration from her to write this and learn more about blooming.

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16 thoughts on “The Idea of Blooming & How We Can Bloom

  1. Sabrina💭💛

    I love the idea of blooming and have actually unknowingly been practicing it🧘. I prefer your definition of blooming over the dictionary 🤫.
    Blooming is something that we should all slowly practice – a little bit from time to time🌈.

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