How The Placebo Effect Can Play Into a Positive Mindset

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! So, I was in a lesson and my teacher decided to show me this really cool video called: The Incredible Power Of Your Thoughts (embedded at the end of this post). It talked a lot about your subconscious mind and how your thoughts can play into your actions constantly. In the video, it mentioned The Placebo Effect which I remembered learning about in a school Biology lesson – it’s an effect used in medicine but when I got to thinking, it can actually be a great way of achieving more positivity. That’s why this post will be me sharing my thoughts on how I think the Placebo Effect can actually benefit your mindset!

What Is The Placebo Effect?

The Placebo Effect is an effect in medicine testing when scientists want to see if a specific new tablet or pill will treat a person. The testing consists of people with the illness and some of them are given the real medicine and some are given a fake one (known as a ‘placebo’) at random which has no treatment purposes . The idea of this is that scientists want to make sure that the medicine is actually curing the patient instead of the patient just thinking they’ve been cured if they’ve taken the placebo.

This is the Placebo Effect, sometimes patients who may have been given the placebo might still feel better because they think they’ve taken the real medicine. Leading people to believe that the mind can be a tool to healing, but a powerful connection is needed!

Learn More About The Placebo Effect at WebMD

Learn More About The Placebo Effect at Harvard Health

How Is It Linked To Positivity?

As stated above, the Placebo Effect worked by patients not knowing what they were given, so assuming they took the real treatment pill (even if it was just a placebo) would physically and mentally benefit them.

This means some patients who just decided to think, ‘I’m probably taking the real one’ despite maybe getting the placebo, had that positivity which genuinely helped them, and this has been shown in many studies!

Read The Results of a Placebo Study Trial Conducted By Ted Kaptchuck

What Can Be Learned From It?

The first time I heard about this effect in a Biology lesson, I really thought it was just a a coincidence what happened to patients who took the placebo. Yet, studies are proving this is real and very effective in treating people.

For me, the key thing to take away is that we can’t change what will happen for us, but maybe we can change how we think about them?
In a world with lots of stress, this effect is signalling to us that optimism is the way we can keep going. Now, not only mentally, but also physically! This teaches me so much about positive thinking. Don’t get me wrong, it can be so hard, especially if you’re a patient who could possibly be getting a placebo and I’m not saying to think everything will be butterflies and rainbows.

All I’m saying, is even if you have an inkling of hope and optimism, it can do wonders!

The Incredible Power Of Your Mind

The Incredible Power Of Your Mind was a video I was shown in a lesson which really made me rethink how my thoughts and how I choose to think about something. It was produced by YouAreCreators and this particular video will definitely leave you questioning your thoughts at the end – I would 100% recommend you watch it if you’d like to see how I got my inspiration for this post, and it talks about the placebo effect a bit more in depth. Watch below or by clicking here!

Thank you so much for reading, if you want to learn more, I’d definitely recommend The Incredible Power Of Your Mind video as that was my inspiration for writing this post. Let me know in the comments if you agreed with me or had a different idea about the placebo effect!

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