How I’m Trying To Become A Positive Realist

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m hoping you’re all having lovely days so far. Today’s post is going to be a follow up from one of my previous posts. I recently wrote a comparative discussion on Optimism & Realism reaching the overall conclusion that Positive Realism is what I want to implement into my life. So today, I’ll be sharing how I’m planning to do this. Let’s jump into it!

What Is A Positive Realist?

‘The attitude of positive realism combines both the visionary view,  as well as a realistic mode of thinking.’


In simpler terms, positive realism is essentially having a mindset that consists of a balance of optimism (positive thinking) and realism (realistic thinking).

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Now I’ll be speaking about what steps I’m taking to make positive realism part of my own method of thinking!

1 – Reframing Dreams Into Reality

The key aspect of positive realism is that it’s the balance of two mindsets (as stated above) so it’s important to still have both of them. But instead of them contradicting eachother, they’re working in tandem in your mindset.

So, what I’m trying to do is continuing dreaming big – just as I normally would as an optimist. But, I’m trying to place those dreams in real world scenarios to imagine how they’d play out – just as a realist would. (And if you’re more of a realist, then do these steps just in the opposite order) Then, I’d be able to see how I can achieve those dreams all while being realistic. Usually for me, this is by setting realistic targets!

2 – Being Aware Of The Facts While Thinking About Your Desires

This sort of links into the last one, and is a bit more beneficial if you were someone who was solely an optimist prior. After setting your dreams as well as the realistic targets to achieve them, it still might be beneficial to do a bit more research to know what you’re getting into. So, it wouldn’t be harmful to do a little bit of research, maybe to see the odds of achieving the dream, or the methods people used to get there!
And whatever facts you may find, (positive or negative) you can use them to your advantage and know more information about the dream you’re chasing!

3 – Being Content With Changes

Changes in the road can hinder both an optimist and a realist. So, positive realism gives a good perspective on how both can get back from them!

As someone with a predominantly optimist mindset, I know firsthand that I expect things to go 100% smoothly. But, this isn’t always the case – and being a positive realist means you acknowledge this, and now just focus on the new targets to get back on track!
A realist may probably be someone who has prepared for setbacks – which is great! But this could hinder the scale of what they want to achieve, and may not think they can fulfil their full potential. So, while a realist is already going to be content and prepared for the changes, it mustn’t stop them from dreaming what they truly want to achieve because they know they can use realistic goals to get back on track from the expected setbacks!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope it was helpful! Let me know in the comments what you know about positive realism and whether you try to practice it in your life.

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      Neither did I! It was only when I started researching for a post did I discover this. That’s great! Hoping you can add a little bit more optimism into your life too! :))


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