Here Are 4 Careers That Blogging Can Lead You To

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! How has everyone been? On WordPress Reader, I recently saw a post written by Sara Flower Kjeldsen in which she shares the skills you can sharpen through blogging. (Read the blog post here). That post helped me draw inspiration for this post, in which I’ll be sharing what careers blogging could possibly lead you to!

Blogging is very versatile, and everyone’s content differs – so each person could gain experience for different careers all while blogging. But, I thought it would be interesting to see how the blogging experience is universal and some people can be lead to the exact same careers. Let’s jump into it!

Full Time Blogger / Influencer

This one is the obvious starter. But, if you feel like you’re reaching the point in your blogging career where you’ve grown quite a bit and you have brands and other companies wanting to partner with you, it might be time to consider full time blogging. Being a full time blogger/influencer is great as you’ll be able to choose your hours and choose what you do during your working day (it will probably be what you’re already doing!)

Another benefit of this is that it doesn’t have to be a full time career. While you may be working another job, you could take on a few brand deals or monetize your blog through ads which can also help with your living. Which could lead you into branching out to other platforms such as Youtube or a Podcast that could convince you to become a blogger full time.


Being a journalist is another very common career for past bloggers. Mainly because, a lot of people actually set up their blogs so they can gain journalism experience (I know quite a few people who have done this).

Blogging is usually the preferred choice for anyone who wants to enter the journalism industry with experience as they can do it on their own time, write about what they want to write and they can do it in their own way. Also, it’s really nice to have your own platform with all your articles rather than your articles on someone else’s websites – and it’s a great addition to your CV!

A lot of media companies may have specific views on certain issues too, so blogging allows the blogger to share their on genuine opinions without being tied to a specific organisation.


This is something I wouldn’t have thought of until I actually joined the blogging community myself. But, a lot of bloggers are also aspiring authors – which now I think about it, makes a lot of sense! Blogging allows future authors to gain more writing experience and experiment with styles, all while getting pretty quick feedback through comments. So, it’s really useful in progressing further and further into writing.

One thing I really enjoy seeing is when bloggers write stories and fictional pieces in blog posts. Especially when they release a chapter at a time because it’s so fun to see them speaking with their readers in the comments. And eventually, the blogger might actually be able to publish their book, whether it be self publish or a publisher comes across their story!

Either way, a blog can be an incredible tool for aspiring authors, and could help them get their big break, maybe even earlier than expected?


Like I said previously, a benefit of blogging is that you can be your own boss. And that can lead you down the road to entrepreneurship which also, again, means you can be your own boss! If you think about it, a blogger and entrepreneur need to have very similar skillsets.

  • Keep on top of trends
  • Be innovative
  • Come up with new content / ideas
  • Be well-versed in promotion

And more! Many influencers start businesses advertising to their already established audience so they can eventually grow into a huge company. Look at Brooklyn and Bailey’s skincare brand or Logan Paul and Ksi’s drink brand. All of them did the exact same thing and their companies are becoming hugelt successful.

Thank you so much for reading this post, it was really interesting for me to compile. I’m sure I could research more and do a part 2 so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!

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14 thoughts on “Here Are 4 Careers That Blogging Can Lead You To

  1. flawed_silence

    Helloooo 🙂 I’ve emerged from my rabbit hole and am happy to see that you’re still posting content!

    It was a very interesting read. I adore how your blog post tones are always warm and chatty vibe. Makes me feel really engaged aha.

    I’d say I started blogging for the purposes of reason three you stated. What about you?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zainab

      Hi! Ahh I’m so glad to chat again! Thank you so much for reading this post, yeah I definitely blog for the community – and honestly I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s become a huge passion for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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