Here Are The Benefits Of A Revision Timetable

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to the blog! As some of you may know, I’m in a very important year at school where I have exams in the Summer, and to prepare for them – we are having mock exams. For me, these exams are starting next week – so I thought I’d share something that’s helped me hugely during my revision: a revision timetable. This has honestly kept me on track so much, and I think I’d be very disorganised without it. So today, I’ll be sharing the benefits of a revision timetable. Let’s jump into it!

It Can Allow You To Plan Cumulatively and See The Overall Picture

I think the one thing that people honestly love about revision timetables is that it can allow them to see the bigger picture and what they’re working towards. Not only can you add in chunks for different subjects, you can also further specifies on the topic, content or type of questions you’ll be doing! This can be really useful with people who have a lot of exams in a given time period as you can revise a variety of subjects in a week and can plan what you’re doing based on the lead up to the exam.

To me, I think it’s a key to exam success – it can honestly work for anything you revise and breaking it down into manageable chunks makes revision much more bearable while having the end in sight!

It Adds A Layer Of Structure To Your Revision

Structured revision is so key to doing well, it allows you to revise specifically so you can get through as much of a course at once. But sometimes, when we think we’re going to revise something, we never think that deep into it so we end up wasting time trying to think, or having a revision session that’s counter productive. But, a revision timetable allows you to choose what exactly you’ll revise, and then you can change this based on how well your revision goes for the rest of your time.

It Can Take Into Account The Rest Of Your Plans

One thing I constantly have to remind myself is not to overwork myself – and I think the timetable really takes good care of that. My timetable allows me to study for a suitable amount of time in a day while also taking time for myself. I think when we get into studying, we’re so focused on just working hard and doing our best – which is incredibly important, but sometimes we get so invested that we can suffer from burnout. So, a revision timetable can really allow you to take a step back and think about yourself for a little bit. It also means you can know prior when you’re taking breaks so your overall day can be well planned!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed – do let me know in the comments any other advice you have. And good luck for anyone taking exams in the coming weeks!

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4 thoughts on “Here Are The Benefits Of A Revision Timetable

  1. romi

    ahh this is soo helpful! i usually lay out stuff in my head but it all goes down the hole cause i forget to take into account the other stuff hehe. thankx for sharing! 💚


  2. Alina

    Not me thinking this sounds really productive but still cramming everything a night before the exam 😅 Best of luck with your mocks tho! Mine are going to be in March probably.


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