Utilising Success To Help You Progress Further

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be on a really universal topic, which is success. Success is something that everyone has a very different perspective of – success is a positive thing, and today I want to write about how we can utilise it to constructively progress in life. Let’s jump into it!

Figuring Out What Success Looks Like To You

So before thinking about any actual progression, you need to identify what your success actually is – so that you are able to identify what you want to grow to next. Success is extremely subjective; it can be seen in any aspect of life, and different people take it to be something different.

Academically, success to one person may be an A+, but their friend may see a B as success. Socially, someone who has a large group of friends may see that as success, but somebody who has a few very close fiends may also see that as success. But that’s okay, nobody really needs to know your meaning except you, because you’re going to use it to further your individual growth.

When I spoke to productivity expert Grace Marshall, she mentioned a very valuable point about success being what you’re doing rather than the outcome. So remember to also take the work that you’ve done leading up to it, into consideration.

Scale Your Recent Achievement Further

Now, when it comes to actually tangibly growing from your success – scaling up is a massive part to this. It allows your projected progression to be realistic, but also ambitious – which is vital to any form of success. When I talk about scaling, it’s just a version of success that you already have – but bigger.

If we’re using the academic example, you may get very high grades in high school – but by scaling up, you want to get the same grades in university.

Don’t get me wrong, scaling does put you on a whole new level. But, because you’re scaling from something you’ve already achieved, you have those transferable methods and techniques to be able to reach success again. And even that is a success in itself – remember it’s also what you do!

Evaluate The Part of Success That Needs Improvement

Now, here is the part that’s really going to help you reach the next level – finding any part of your success that needed to be improved on. Of course, you need to celebrate your wins – that is vital to positivity. But once you’ve done this, take time to reflect and see where you could’ve been even better.

I think an academic example is a great one to back this point up, if you have a small quiz that you got 90$% on, find the 10% that you got wrong so that you can study that again – this way, the next time you have a bigger test (with higher stakes) you’ll do better on that topic, furthering your success!

And eventually, you can keep doing this further and further until you’ve reached the success you want in the highest of stakes possible, because you’ve constantly been improving.

Thank you so much for reading this post, this post is honestly for myself more than anyone – so let me know in the comments if you have any more advice for utilising your success!

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