How You Can Make Yourself A Priority When You Feel Like You Can’t

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I feel like as we are now in the second month in the new year, we feel like we’re continuously working – because are new goals are still somewhat fresh. And recently, I’ve been working a lot to the point where I literally can’t find time to prioritise myself. So today, I want to share what I’m trying to make myself a priority – let’s jump into it!

Take On Something New That Can Uplift You

Normally when you want to give yourself some time to relax, you’ll usually take on a hobby that you already have. While that is helpful, I feel that sometimes I’ll just be so used to that hobby that my mind will still fixate on something work-related. So instead, try and take up a new hobby so that you’re actually distracting yourself, but also try and find one that doesn’t take too much energy to set up, has any costs etc.

That way you’re distracted but also not over complicating it. One thing that I tried was running, honestly I’m not much of a runner – but it was nice to do something very out-of-character for me. I may try it again, but I’d bring someone along with me to help!

Use Your Weekends In The Way You Want To

I feel like with the rise of working from home and online work, weekends are becoming oversaturated with work aswell – and they’re becoming really underrated for their actual purpose – the end of the week!

And of course, we have to take into consideration that the demand for work is a lot higher these days. So, what I tend to do is take one day of the weekend strictly for relaxation purposes. I don’t do any actual work unless its completely necessary. Then, I use the other day to catch up on anything I missed throughout the week. The key is catch up – so you can still spend the rest of the day taking a break too and ensuring that you’re a prioity rather than your work.

Let Someone In On Your Plan & Tell Them To Hold You To Account

For anyone who feels like they’re overworking, this may feel like something you don’t even have to do because someone will be telling you to take your breaks. Sometimes, when you’re so invested in your work, you forget to just take a step back and remember that the most important thing is : your wellbeing.

So when you do get pulled away from work, take that as a signal to go try out your new hobby, or make plans for the weekend so that you can make sure that you are your priority!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I know it was a short one – but I hope it was concise and to the point!

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Have a great week!


17 thoughts on “How You Can Make Yourself A Priority When You Feel Like You Can’t

  1. addie (:

    i have been loving all of your posts :)) for suggestions, it would be awesome if you could do a post about motivation/procrastination, because those are a couple of things i struggle with. keep up the amazing work, zainab!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sateja♡

    this post was so good! i loved the tips sm and they definitely sound useful. it’s so important to prioritise yourself, but i’m always forgetting that and practically drowning myself in productivity guilt:( this was a good reminder to focus on my wellbeing too, i was just beginning to burn out so it was at the exact right time! thank you so much for sharing<33

    Liked by 1 person

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