Building Kindness For Yourself

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Recently, I was in a class which was all about relieving stress and self care – the speaker said something which really stood out to me which was, ‘You have to be kind to yourself.’ This was a big reminder to myself and so many people, so today I want to write about how you can do that. Mostly to act as a reminder to myself, but also to help some of you. Let’s jump into it!

Focus On What You Love About Yourself

Sometimes, we can constantly find ourselves looking in the mirror, or looking at our skills or work and simply thinking that we are not good enough. And that’s honestly not fair. Nobody is going to look perfect or be 100% the best at every skill – that’s simply not possible! Thinking like this will honestly cause so much more unnecessary stress, because nobody can do it all.

But, what you can do is focus on the god and what you genuinely do love about yourself. This sin’t to brag or flaunt, but rather as a reminder that you are just as good as anyone else. You may not be 100% perfect – but nobody else is either. In a physical sense, it may be looking in the mirror and seeing what features of yours you love, to foster body positivity and beat the beauty standards by sharing this with nobody but yourself. Because even if you don’t post a picture or share what you think, you know your worth.

In another sense, it may be you compare skills to someone else, they might be great at one thing – but you also excel at something else. Again, this is not so you can loudly create superiority amongst friends, but rather as a personal reminder that you do have value as well.

Find An Outlet For Your Emotions

I’m someone who finds it really difficult to cope if I don’t let out my emotions in some way. And honestly, once you do – it takes such a big weight off of your shoulders that you are being kind to yourself!

It may be journalling or some people I know express their emotions through art, Whatever it may be, having something that can encapsulate your emotions can allow you to get to the core of them, and take the stress of them off of you. You may even find that venting to someone may be helpful. I usually find this works, but please remember to ask someone if it’s okay to first – because venting does a lot to the person receiving the emotions too. So, you must be careful, however doing it correctly can be so helpful to you!

Treat Yourself Like Your Friend

This may sound a little weird without context, but imagine you saw your friend. You are going to be their biggest cheerleader, Giving them lots of support, compliments etc! Now, just rotate that praise so you can be on the receiving end – but rather they’re coming from within yourself.

I know it’s super hard, obviously you will always see your own flaws – because well, you’re you. But this is where you really need to think, what if I was my friend. What would I say to myself? Your perspective will honestly be so different. Be your own biggest cheerleader for a chage – and see if that works!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I really hope you enjoyed it – let me know in the comments how you want to promote more self-kindness!

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