300 Followers Special – Answering Your Anonymous Assumptions

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! At the end of March, I hit 300 followers on the blog, thank you so much! So today, I’m answering your anonymous assumptions that you sent in through Tellonym – so I have no idea who has asked these. Let’s jump into it!

You are Arabic, or at least your name is Arabic
I personally am not Arabic, however you’re correct my name is! In Arabic, ‘Zainab’ means a fragrant flower.

You have never done a face reveal before on your blog
This is also true – I don’t know if I’m ever planning to do a face reveal, but maybe one day considering I have done a voice reveal!

You are not very athletic
This is hard whether to say it’s true or false because I don’t like Sports except Karate, however I love working out! So, I guess this is kind of true!

You don’t have any siblings – if you do how many?
I actually do have a sibling – I have one brother!

You would say you’re an independent person
I would say I am! I do love my independence but I’m extremely lucky for people such as my family willing to help me with what I need.

You support Manchester United
This is very true – I’m an avid supporter! I think people could tell after I did my Inspirational Role Model Post and I included one of the players ‘Marcus Rashford.’

You sometimes struggle with confidence about posting things
Right now, this isn’t true. I feel like I would struggle if I showed my face on social media and my blog.

You think finding/choosing/creating content can be difficult
Sometimes I do – for example, sometimes I can’t think of photos for a specific blog post so photography is difficult. However, in terms of blog posts, writing them is okay but coming up with ideas can be hard.

You have been to the UAE
This is true – I think people knew as I posted a picture of a landmark from the UAE when I last went in 2019. It was a super fun holiday and hopefully I can go back there one day!

You enjoy meeting new people
Yes, this is true! I find meeting new people so fun as you can talk more and you have the chance to make new friends!

You plan your days
This one is half true, half false – on days where I have school I do, just so I can be efficent after school! In school holidays, I don’t as I try to relax more!

Thank you so much for reading this post guys, again thank you so much for 300 followers, I appreciate all the support so much, hopefully we can reach 400 and then my 2021 goal of 500!

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