How You Can Keep Positive About Going Back To School

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! As said in my previous blog post, I’m going to try and do more back to school related posts. I’ll still be keeping with the theme of positivity, so I’ll be sharing how you can keep positive about going back to school!

Remembering You’ll See Your Friends More Often

This is honestly one of the main reasons why I enjoy school. Obviously, in your summer break you will see your friends more freely without school rules and different classes. But in school, you will see each other every day no matter your class so seeing them during school is much more often then in summer as it’s 6 hours for over half the week!

You’re Learning Things That Could Probably Be Useful In The Future

I do understand that this only applies for some subjects. But, if you take a humanitarian subject especially, you’re learning things that can actually benefit you in the future. For example, in Citizenship (similar to politics) we learn about voting, the law etc! And these will actually be able to help you be better citizens when you’re older!

You Will Learn More About Your Future

As you progress through school, you start getting more information about your future (careers, universities etc!) Honestly, I’m someone that loves planning my future as I already know my future career, so when I get information about my future career, I tend to take in as much information as possible. So, if you’re set on your career, you should listen about your future as much as possible!

So guys, I hope this post helped with back to school. The summer has gone super fast so honestly I needed to write this post! Let me know if you’ve gone back to school yet and how you’ve been!

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