Figuring Out A Healthy Balance – Having Too Much on My Plate

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to the blog! Lately I’ve had a lot on my plate and it’s a combination of many different things – but I know how important a healthy life balance is. I recently wanted to commit to something but after evaluating everything in my life I realised it was not practical as taking it on would worsen my already pretty big schedule! I’ve started evaluating my life to find a balance, so today I want to talk about my goal to keep a healthy balance and not having too much on my plate – this will be how I intend to figure it out!

Breaking Down The Things in My Life

The first thing I’m doing is breaking down everything I’m doing into my life – I simply just list them everything I want to do out. This way I can see the extent of how much pressure I’m putting on myself and I can see that I have too much on my plate and realised I couldn’t add anything too.
Not being able to add a commitment is pretty disappointing, but the way I’m thinking about it is taking on a new role with too much on my plate means I wouldn’t be able to perform the best anyway!

Example List Of Breaking Down What’s In My Life

  • School (5X A Week)
  • Tuition (2X A Week)
  • Volunteering ( 1X A Week Minimum)
  • Blogging (No Set Time Limit)
  • Sports (2X A Week)
  • Hanging Out With Friends (No Set Time Limit)
  • Exam Revision

Figuring Out Priorities

Once you have your list – you need to figure out your priorities. When doing this, you’ve got to be quite strict with yourself. When I say ‘Priorities’ I mean things that are an absolute necessity – and this is different for everyone. For example, I’ve marked School, Tuition, Revision and Blogging (of course!) all as my priorities – meaning I wouldn’t compromise on them.

Minimising What I Can

Once you know your priorities, you have to minimise what’s left on the list – which can definitely be a challenge. But the good thing is, you’re not cutting it out all together, you’re just mitigating it.

For example, my Sport is karate and my instructor asked me to train twice a week – I did not have the time for that so now I only go once a week and only for an hour instead of 90 minutes. It’s not a lot, but I’d much rather do that then cut out karate completely which I was actually considering.

My volunteering is for a youth board and we have main meetings every 2 weeks but sometimes we have extras in between so that becomes every week. If you cannot attend the extra meetings as you’re focusing on one of your priorities, ask them if they can send you an outline of what’s covered in the meeting so you’re still up to date but it doesn’t take up as much of your time.

I’ve found that these minimisation helped me a lot with focusing on priorities such as exam revision but also so I could get at least some time to relax and unwind!

This post was a great therapy for me, and I really hope it could be some help to any of you who feel like you have too much going on – trust me, you can get through it!

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