Want To Beat Procrastination? My Advice and Tips!

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Going through WordPress reader, I saw a lot of people doing April wrap-ups in which they said they wanted to make May more productive. So, I thought for this post, I’d share some of my own advice on how to beat procrastination, or how you can at least procrastinate less. Let’s jump into it!

Determine Your ‘Why’

The first key point is to figure out why you want to get things done, and why it’s key you don’t put them off. It could be part of a big dream to get a certain job, or a small goal of not getting a no homework detention in school. It doesn’t matter specifically what yours is compared to everyone else’s. It just means you have a reason to stay on track if you start procrastinating again. It could even be helpful to write your ‘Why’ down in a place to refer back to when you need a motivation boost!

Write Down Everything You’d Like To Accomplish

Having a list of everything you’d like to do is such an efficient way of getting all your tasks done. Keeping this list in a central location where you do your tasks such as your desk means you’ll be more likely to go to your desk when you see this list to get things done.
Also, make sure this list is a physically written list! A to do list on your phone or laptop might still help, but I’ve found that physically written lists are more beneficial:

  • Your hand physically writing down your tasks emphasises them in your brain more
  • Not being able to delete them at the press of the button means you want to get it finished, you’re held to accountability!
  • Once you finish, physically ticking things off is so satisfying so that’s building up less future procrastination

Hide Your Phone

Keeping your phone away from you isn’t 100% necessary. But if you’re someone that easily gets distracted by notifications popping up on your phone, it might be worth it. As clicking on these notifications leads you to doing more on your phone, pushing back your work even more. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you identify with this, you should consider asking someone to take your phone for a couple of hours.
Leading to my next point…

Tell Someone Your Plan

Telling someone what you’d like to achieve means you have someone else keeping you on the right track. Just ask them to drive you in the right direction if you’re going off track your work. Or even ask them to sit with you while you’re doing your work so you don’t forget your producitvity goal. Just make sure they have some work to do too so you don’t help each other procrastinate!

Allow Yourself Breaks

Stopping procrastination does not equal 24/7 productivity. In fact, that just leads to burnout, and not wanting to continue with your work or tasks for the day. So even if you’re in a phase where you don’t feel like you’ll procrastinate, schedule yourself some breaks anyway so you have something to look forward to after a bit of work (a mini ‘Why’!), and so you don’t give yourself the excuse that you’re tired so you procrastinate again.

I hope these tips can be beneficial to you guys. I heard a lot of people wanted to make May a productive month so let’s all help eachother make that happen!

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