4 Positive And Influential Role Models That Benefit This Generation

Hi everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! These days, we see a lot of people online who can be promoting toxic and negative thoughts. So, today I want to share 3 Role Models that promote positivity and benefit this generation! Let’s jump into it!

Greta Thunberg

Greta is an 18 year old activist who you are probably aware of from all her activism towards the climate crisis. She inspired many people (especially of our generation) to get talking about climate change again. My school was directly inspired by her so we made a petition to no longer use single use plastic last year and protested to our local Parliment Member!

Recently, Greta created the organisation called ‘Fridays For Future’ which helps people take part in Climate Strikes. Especially since Greta is apart of our generation she really knows how to get us talking about the climate!

Marcus Rashford & Mel Maynard

Marcus is an English Footballer known for playing for Manchester United. However, the reason why i have put him on the list is because recently him and his mum, Mel have been campaigning to end Child Food Poverty.

This is something Marcus has said he’s went through and his Mum had to work 3 jobs just to put food on the table for her family. They both managed to help so many charities and change government decisions. They are both truly inspirations! If you want to learn more about Child Food Poverty, I have written a post raising awareness which you can find by clicking here.

Vex King

Photo By Vex King on Instagram

Vex King is a bestselling author of the book: Good Vibes Good Life and his new book Healing Is The New High. He talks a lot about Positivity, Wellness and shares lots of advice on meditation.

His advice in his books have been life changing for so many people so I would definitely recommend you follow him and read his book. I have written a review of his first book which you can read by clicking here.

Thanks so much for reading this post, let me know if you’d like me to do a part 2 and who I should include!

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