Things To Do During Your Half Term Break

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back! So, I know in the UK, half term break has started for most people (I’m not sure about other countries!) so I thought it would be fun to share some things you can get up to during your half term break!

Go Out Into Your City

If you have a day where you’re completely free and have nothing to do, going out into your city – or even the local town – is a great way to engage in the community and to do some sightseeing!

Volunteer With An Organisation

With vaccinations starting to be offered to more age groups, different organisations such as charities and youth organisations are going to start getting back to their normal work and might need some help. So, if you’re free, helping them out and learning more about them would be beneficial for you and the organisation! I actually recently became a youth board member for a really cool organisation which hopefully I can share more about soon!

Spend A Little Bit Of Time Studying

Obviously this is not for everyone, half term is mainly about relaxing. But, if you have a few hours to spare, a little bit of revision can really make a difference!

Have A Look At The WP Reader More Often

With school closed, you’ll have a lot more time – so make sure you utilise that oppurtunity during the break to go through WP Reader so you can hopefully gain some inspiration for some great posts to write once you’re back at school and may not have enough time!

Stay Organised With A Half Term Planner

To keep all of your plans on schedule, use a weekly planner and write down everything you’ll be doing in your half term to keep organised! Read my weekly planner blog post, here.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post – I hope you all have lovely half terms! Let me know what content you’d like to see!

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Have a lovely day everyone!