Rida Rashid Speaks Out On The Pakistan Floods, Climate Activism & More!

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to the blog! I’m sure many of you have heard about the devastating floods going on in Pakistan at the moment, all caused by the climate crisis that’s been occurring for years. I wanted to do something to shine a spotlight on this issue, and I thought rather than just writing a post based on news reports, I thought it would be more effective to speak to someone who is experiencing this first-hand at the moment.

So today, I’ve had the honour of interviewing teen Pakistani climate activist, Rida Rashid, who will speaking all about what she’s seeing first-hand, sharing ways to help, sharing why this is actually happening and more. (If you’re interested in only reading a specific part of the interview, then use the list of contents below.) Let’s jump into the interview!



Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview Rida. For anyone that doesn’t know who you are, could you give a brief introduction to yourself and your work?

My name is Rida Rashid and I’m a 19 year old climate activist based in Pakistan, and I’m the founder of the non profit organisation: Impact. Which is working on adaptation to climate change with a team of over 300 students across Pakistan. And I’ve been doing climate activism for the last nine years, which means I was very young when I started! And I’m also a part of many national youth panels on climate change. So, I’m doing my A-Levels and climate activism, and that’s it!

Photo From Rida’s Instagram (@rida_ik)


Currently the situation in Pakistan is terrible, over a ⅓ is underwater, considering you are from Pakistan can you just describe the current situation in Pakistan? What are people waking up to, what’s on the national news etc. Please give us the breakdown.

Honestly speaking, I’ve lost quite a lot of extended family members due to these floods and the floods in 2010. So, the situation right now: 1/3 of Pakistani land is underwater right now, we’ve lost 1,300 lives out of which 33.3% were children. And we’ve lost 500,000 livestock, 150+ land roots have been washed away, hundreds of bridges and thousands kilometres of roads have been destroyed – displacing around 37 million people which is more than the population of Canada or Australia. And this has caused the loss of $10 billion to Pakistan’s economy right now, there is more to come.

That’s really upsetting and crazy that situations like these have happened for so long, and only now are starting to get recognition. So, could you explain the cause behind this, we know it’s happening but why exactly is it happening to Pakistan? Especially considering that Pakistan is responsible for less than 1% of global emissions.

Definitely, I mean Pakistan is suffering basically due to it’s geographical location. There is no doubt about it, I mean my country is home to 7000+ glaciers, which is the highest outside the polar region, and they are melting at a very fast pace.
But at this point, with these recent floods, it’s a bit complicated. So, Pakistan this summer had temperatures going over 53°C, and that was the highest global temperature ever recorded. So, in science, warm air holds more moisture, and as it comes down, it’s damaging. And as glaciers are melting this is adding to the factors.
However, another added reason to this is lack of governance. After the 2010 floods, there was literally no plan devised (or even if there was, there was no implementation.) There is no transparency or accountability, which is needed in order to create a climate-resilient society, and we fail to do so.
So yes, while climate change has a large part to play in this, I think government incompetency has a bigger role right now with these floods.

Considering you’ve lived there and have had these lived experiences, how do you feel about how it’s being dealt with and the climate crisis in the rest of the world?

I think that we are not taking it seriously, after the climate movement that started globally, leaders said that they cared about it, but they don’t. Even in Pakistan, the government does not care.
I mean, we need to take it more seriously and take action. For them, it might just be promises and commitments, but for me, my country is underwater. We used to have four seasons a year, and now we just go from Summers to Winters.

For me personally, it feels very depressing and frightening and I feel that we need urgent action.


Speaking of action, how are residents and also the government in Pakistan dealing with this? What’s being done within the country?

Yes, there are NGOs and the people of Pakistan are very generous and have been donating to them. And all the relief work being carried out on the ground has been through NGOs.The government are not that active. The only relief has been provided by NGOs, non profits or the Pakistani army – they have been working really hard for this.

You’ve spoken about how long it’s taken for people to realise or provide relief, so why do you think it’s taken a while to realise this is a humanitarian issue rather than an individualist issue?

Yeah exactly, for me, climate change is no longer just weather events. It is our right to education, life, security, freedom and even food that’s being taken away right now!
I don’t know, I feel like we need to go back to our roots and see where everything went wrong and then fix it – because I don’t see what took us so long to make us realise that this is a humanitarian crisis

I know you said it’s going to cost over $10 billion. So could you share what people like me in the rest of the world can do to help Pakistan right now?

First things first, individual donations do work. You can donate to multiple organisations that work on the ground in Pakistan. And apart from this, once we’ve recovered, I’d really like citizens from other countries to be global activists and raise their voice about countries like mine. So, I want more people to talk about climate change, not just mitigation but urgent action.


Find A Full List Of Organisations & Fundraisers


You’re also the founder of Impact Pakistan, could you share a bit about Impact Pakistan and it’s cause?

Impact Pakistan is basically a group of children, we hold conversations around climate change and then we do projects around adaptation to climate change. Before these floods happened, we were working with the government of Pakistan on multiple policies, the water policy and other environment-related policies. For example, the plastic bag ban. So, we were trying to make sure that the policies that were already in place were implemented.
I mean, we started from planting trees and now we’re working on policy implementation. So, Impact Pakistan is a group of children working hard on policies and and also action on ground aswell.

Speaking of working on the ground, how does it make you feel knowing that it’s up to students/young people have to raise their voices now?

My mother’s village is underwater, so I do know that it’s really difficult. We are out of school, the schools in Balochistan are closed – it’s only Islamabad and some parts of Punjab that are still remaining where students are going to the schools. So, we’re out of school all year round because of climate change while advocating for it. Honestly, it’s painful. It’s not something we should be doing.

I’m so sorry to hear that, everyone deserves the right to education and it’s terrible it’s being taken away. Since you you founded the organisation: Impact Pakistan, what is the exact impact it strives to give Pakistan is this current period of time?

Alright, we are currently focusing on flood relief. But apart from that, we are focusing on rehabilitation from the floods from the damage done.
Impact Pakistan wants to be an organisation where we involve youth in: policy making, implementation of policies and we make sure the youth has a role to play in all decisions that are made.
So in terms of working on ground and with policy making, I really want Impact Pakistan to lead on this.

Photo From Rida’s Instagram (@rida_ik)


I’m sure it will grow to that! For any young person that wants to make a difference like this, all around the world, what advice would you give them? How can they get started and make their voices heard?

I’ll share this with you, when I started nine years ago (I was around 10 or 11) it was difficult, it’s not easy – even right now. But, you should never give up, you should keep raising your voice. There are multiple groups you can join, look at Fridays For Future! Just use your social media to raise your voice.

Write about it, speak about it – raise your voice. It matters, and it will be heard. Because we are the future and now we need to hold people accountable.

I love the idea of using your passions! What do you think is the importance of young people having a voice/perspective on policy making all throughout the world? 

I mean, we are the future. We are being affected. So, we are the best people to tell people how we want our future to look. So, youth should be given importance in policy making, everywhere around the globe. And people deciding our future, without us, doesn’t seem right.

I completely agree with you, have you ever been in meetings where you were the only young person in the room? Was it scary or intimidating?

Yeah, I’ve been in meetings where I’ve been the youngest person. It’s scary, but the fact that people in power think you’re a child and that your voice doesn’t matter – it took me a lot of time to make them realise that my voice matters and they should be listening. And now they do listen, it took me 9 years!

Yeah, I mean we have to do it as nobody else will do it for young people! You’ve obviously got your own organisations such as Impact, Project Aab, Fridays for Future & more! So, do you have any advice for young people wanting to start their own organisations?

For anyone that wants to start their own organisation in Pakistan or abroad, it’s about having the passion. Do not give up, it’s going to be difficult. It’s not easy to organise and lead a team all while facing the pressure. But it’s important that you don’t give up.

I’d say set up a social media, start it yourself (for the first three years I did everything myself. Graphic design, social media, collaborations etc!) And then when people see you doing it, they will want to join in and it will keep getting bigger.

And then it becomes a team effort! So how does it feel to lead a team as big as the one you do for Impact Pakistan?

Honestly speaking, it’s scary at times because you have responsibilities. You’re their voice and you’re leading them and representing them. So, it’s not easy leading a team, but I’m lucky enough to have this opportunity. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

Photo From Rida’s Instagram (@rida_ik)


I’ll end like this, what kind of future do you envision for Pakistan, and just the Earth’s climate as a whole?

One positive thing that’s happened because of these floods is that conversation has started. So, in Pakistan’s future, I really want the government to be transparent and bring accountability and put a system in place that can actually adapt to climate change.

What about yourself, once this situation hopefully ends do you have any future campaigns/projects planned?

Yes, I have a lot of projects planned. Through Project Aab, we were supposed to install filtration plants across Punjab to provide people with clean drinking water – so I’ll be working on that. And again, policy making and also making Pakistani climate activism active internationally aswell. Because I don’t see Pakistani activists given opportunities internationally. For example, at COP there were only 3 NGOs sending their representatives there so I really want to see youth at conferences like this!

Do you see yourself as an activist your whole life or would you want to go into the political field?

Yeah, I’ll definitely be going into politics. I was a child when I started this so my brain has been so emotionally involved that until I see everything fixed, I’m just not stopping. So, I think I’ll be getting a degree in political sciences or journalism and then pursuing a career in politics.

I think that was the best way to end off! Thank you so much for reading this interview, please go check out Rida’s links below to learn more about her and the incredible work she does. Also, please consider the causes I listed previously in the post for the Pakistan floods! If you’d like more information, you can contact with Rida and I’d also recommend this really informative article from the BBC. . Let me know in the comments what you found most interesting from this interview!

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Blogger’s Confessions With Vivian And Sairah From Iridescent Blog

Hey guys it’s Zainab, welcome back to the blog! Today, I’ll be interviewing Vivian and Sairah from Iridescent blog! Since it’s a joint blog, I will be asking a couple of questions for both of them to have a joint answer and then ask them separate questions related to them. We talk about all things blogging, niches and their friendship, let’s get started!

Thank you guys for agreeing to be interviewed. Here’s are questions that you can both have a joint answer for: What inspired you guys to create a joint blog as there aren’t really many joint blogs out there, why didn’t you create different blogs?

Sairah and I are very similar in personalities so I knew we would work very well together. We created the blog together and not separately because we wanted to find something we can do together to split the workload because this is a hobby and it isn’t something that were dead set on to rely on this as our source of income if that makes sense. The blog was something we can do together and still keeps us close because I’m moving to a different school starting this September so we can’t see each other every day anymore.

How has blogging together made your friendship stronger?

I wouldn’t say blogging has made our friendship stronger but it has definitely made us talk a lot more than we already do. Blogging is something we both love so I guess having common interests do strengthen friendships.

Whose idea was it to start the Iridescent Blog and how did you guys know it was better for you to blog together?

 It was initially Vivian’s ideas to start the blog , and I was so happy when she asked me to join her , doing a blog together let’s us provide much more content and we can share the amount of work put into it so it’s less stressful. And this will be a plus side when we start school again.

Question For Vivian:

What is your main niche that you focus on when you write content for the Iridescent Blog and why do you focus on that?

The main niche I focus on is music, advice, travel, school and fashion & photography because those are my strong points and I have a lot of knowledge on it which I hope to share with everyone.

Question For Sairah:

What niche do you mainly focus on when writing the blog and why do you focus on that?

I write about a range of things but I like to focus on , advice , issues within society (which I sometimes like to portray in the form of story telling ,from someone’s narrative perspective. )But I also do the fitness section of our blog . I feel like these are the topics I can talk about most , and therefore I can engage with the part of our audience that likes to read about this stuff 🙂

Thanks so much to Vivian and Sairah for agreeing to be interviewed, go check out their joint blog Iridescent for a range of different niches and posts.

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Daily Routine Of A Blogger (Collab With Christina)

Hey guys it’s Zainab, welcome to the blog! Today, I’m going to share my daily routine as a blogger. Before we start the post, this is a collab with one of my amazing blogger friends, Christina from Christina and Camera, so go over to her blog to see her routine! Let’s get into it!

8:00am – So at around 8am I will wake up and eat breakfast! Usually, I’ll be eating cereal and watching Netflix too!

9:00am – Then, at around this time I will go into my room and do school work! I do my school work before anything else as school is my number one priority!

10:30am – Roughly at this time, I will start doing Blog Content Planning! I usually plan my content throughout the week and then I will write up blog posts! Also, every Sunday I plan out content to go onto my Blog Instagram at this time, to promote my blog (usually, it’s whatever I put on my blog, I turn it into a mini Instagram post). It takes much longer to do the Blog Instagram as I want to make my Photography perfect!

11:15am – After I plan all my blog content, I’ll usually watch some Youtube or Netflix! After I spend my morning doing school and planning I really like to relax.

12:00pm – This is usually the time of day where I work out! I do have a new workout routine so if you want to see an updated workout routine blog post, let me know below.

2:00pm – I’ve put a huge gap in time here as after I have a productive morning writing blog posts, school work etc I literally do nothing! At around this time, I usually eat lunch, which would usually be a Cheese sandwich!

4:00pm – Usually, I will go into WordPress and do a final proofread of a blog post as well as going WordPress Reader!

6:00pm – At around this time, I will hop back on WordPress and respond to any comments. I always post as 5pm so I always have at least one comment to respond to!

8:00pm – This is the usual time I will sit and eat dinner with my family, after that I will usually take some Vitamins too! I will then have nothing to do so I just relax with my family until I go to sleep!

So guys, that’s my daily routine (yes, I know it’s not productive but at the time I’m writing this I’m still in quarantine) I’m actually back to school now though, so let me know if you want me to do an updated school version.

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Blogger’s Confessions With Catherine from Kitty Jade Blog

Hey guys, it’s Zainab welcome back! I feel like I haven’t done Blogger’s Confessions in so long, today I’ll be interviewing popular bookstagrammer and blogger Catherine (Kitty Jade) about her blogging journey and how she built up the courage to revealing her name online, let’s jump into it!

1) Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed Catherine! For anybody who doesn’t know you or your content, can you explain a little bit about your blogging journey and what your goals are in blogging?
First of all, I really appreciate the invite to this interview Zainab! If you don’t know me, my name is Catherine and I’m a lifestyle blogger from the UK. I started blogging on and off in April 2017, but it was only in 2019 that I really starting committing to my blog. My aims through my blog are to spread positivity, share advice and most importantly bring awareness to climate change. This is a recently introduced niche to my blog, but since I have a larger audience now, I want to use it for good. Every Friday I submit a piece of writing to my series ‘The Plastic Plan’. It can be anything from fast fashion to ocean pollution, but it’s my way of shedding light on the issues that endanger our planet.

2) You have over 700 blog followers and over 1000 instagram followers, how long did it take you to grow that large of an audience and what advice would you give to a blogger that is looking to grow?
My intention with blogging was never to ‘grow’. I started blogging because I wanted to be Penny Porter from the Girl Online series. I was very surprised that my parents even agreed to let me begin a blog! I first began blogging by sharing random articles: poems, travel diaries, drawing etc. In 2019 I came to the realisation that my blog can actually make a difference. I will never forget the first time someone used one of my recipes, or when I got nominated for my first ever Sunshine Blogger Award. To grow organically you just have to share content you love. Don’t focus on the numbers too much! Although I will say, by starting an Instagram this time last year, my views skyrocketed and I earned 500 new blog subscribers. If you need to find some new readers, Instagram is the place to go.

3) Recently, you revealed your name wasn’t Erin and it was Catherine! How large of a step was that for you, and what made you want to reveal your name online?

People grow a lot in three years. I felt like I had outgrown Erin, her coat didn’t fit me anymore. Compliments also didn’t feel directed towards me. They were talking to Erin, not Catherine. I no longer felt like myself when I was blogging – I had invented this Erin character. My two identities felt way too distinct. Therefore, I took it upon myself to explain my complicated name situation. I just wanted to be really transparent with my readers, and not hide behind a facade anymore. To explain simply, my name is Catherine Jane. Catherine Jane Blog didn’t ring very well with me, therefore I manipulated my name as much as possible to make it sound more modern. ‘Kitty’ was derived from Catherine, and ‘Jade’ from Jane. I don’t know about you, but Catherine Jane sounds like a school girl from an Enid Blyton novel. That wasn’t the vibe I was going for with my blog!

4) Finally, do you have any advice for anybody who wants to reveal their name online or share more about themselves to their followers in a safe way?

I may not be the best person to turn to for advice, however, I would recommend that you reveal parts of your identity in stages. Perhaps name first, then age, then face. You must tread carefully with anonymity. Don’t reveal parts of your identity just because other people are doing it. If you are old enough, go for it. But if you’re in the younger years of your teen life, be super careful. I’m all for taking risks, but taking risks on the Internet is a different ball park.

If you’re revealing your identity for the sake of numbers, remember that you can grow anonymously. Look at me, I’m living proof! So is Zainab over here.

Taking you back to primary school here with another snippet of advice: make sure you’re comfortable with the photos you share. Your platform is public. You could gain the attention of big stars overnight, that’s just how the Internet works.

Finally, remember that this blog of yours is simply fun. If you want to take the leap of revealing your anonymity, go for it! Don’t be stressed or pressured by your peers. My online bestie Daisy took the huge step of revealing her anonymity recently. Despite all the things that could go wrong, she received incredible support and love for her decision. There’s a statistic that 80% of what you worry about doesn’t happen? Trust in that fact. You can do this

Thank you so much Catherine for agreeing to be interviewed! I urge you to go check out her blog Kitty Jade, you won’t regret it! Thanks for reading guys!

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Blogger’s Confessions With Christina from Christina And Camera

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome back! Today, it’s time for another post of ‘Blogger’s Confessions!’ I’m interviewing Christina today! She has an amazing blog called Christina and Camera where she shares lifestyle and glow up tips so be sure to check it out! She actually interviewed me so check out her post here!

Let’s jump into the interview!

  1. Christina thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed! Now, your blog has over 300 followers which is so cool! How do you feel about having that large of an audience and how much work and dedication did it take for you to build that large amount of followers?
    Thank you!! It took a lot of consistent posting and for a while I didn’t grow at all. I’m always excited about gaining followers because I love meeting new friends 🙂 For a new blogger I’d recommend being patient, you will grow but it does take time!
  2. You have named your blog ‘Christina and Camera’ which is quite an original name, how did you come up with the idea with that name? Also, do you plan on doing many Photography posts soon as you have done a lot of lifestyle lately!
    When I named it I was doing a ton of photography, I’ve not been super into photography lately though so I may change my name sometime! honestly I just love alliteration so that’s how I picked the name lol.
  3. Can you name a couple of bloggers who really inspire you or who you aspire to be like in the blogging community?
    First of all I love your blog! I can’t wait to see it grow even more! I really look up to hannah (https://thestripedplaid.com/), hope (https://hopeleilani.com/), and sophie (https://sophiescornerblog.home.blog/) right now but that changes all the time when I find new blogs. They’re all very consistent and post awesome content that I love reading.
  4. You announced that you will be starting a Youtube Channel soon! How big of a step is that for you and what made you want to begin one?
    Ahh it’s so crazy! I haven’t decided when I will be launching it officially but I’m already working on editing my first video. it is a big step, I feel like as a blogger I can hide behind the screen but with Youtube you have to really put yourself out there which scares me a bit. I’m kinda terrified but I can’t wait to see if it grows 🙂 I’ve always wanted to start one but recently I’ve built up my confidence. for me I was always like “when I get this equipment” or “when my life becomes more interesting” but honestly you just have to make that move and start.

Thank you to Christina for providing her amazing answers! I hope her answers inspire you or help you build up your confidence! She also interviewed me over on her blog so be sure to check it out here! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post of ‘Blogger’s Confessions.’

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Blogger’s Confessions With Imaan

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m interviewing Imaan! She has an amazing blog and Instagram where she talks all things productivity and lifestyle, be sure to check out her blog here! Let’s jump into the interview where we talk all things blogging and maybe the future of her social media!!

1) Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Imaan! You have a blog with over 300 followers and over 3000 page views which is so cool! Did you ever think you would end up with this much support and how did you start blogging? Also, any advice for people who want to grow as much as you have? 

Thanks for asking me to be interviewed! Hey guys, my name is Imaan and I am a productivity and strategy blogger! I talk about all things growing a following, books, bullet journaling and staying productive over on my blog: imaanazizblogs.wordpress.com.

 I know it is very exciting! When I started blogging I honestly thought it would just be my friends and family supporting me, I had no idea there was a potential of gaining a wonderful audience and more publicity. I can confirm I have had over 3K hits, which took a while to build up to but I really don’t know my accurate following. I think I have 200 WordPress follows, a few email subscribers and 300 social followers. WordPress is so confusing sometimes so I’m not sure which is the most accurate, but I have a feeling it is the WordPress followers because I actually get notifications about those.

My first piece of advice for growing bloggers is that it is going to take a while and you need to put in a load of effort. Posting as consistently as possible is one of the best ways to grow, the more posts you produce the more chances you have for them to either go viral or to gain a greater audience. You also will want to make sure that your content is high quality. Publish blog posts you would read and take beautiful pictures in daylight. At the moment I have been posting blog posts on Monday and Fridays, but I am experimenting with adding a new day to the mix! 

2) Recently you created a ‘Week Of Uploads’ on your blog where you posted every day! This was so cool for people but did you ever lose motivation to write blog posts or come across writer’s block. If so, what advice would you give people who are struggling with creating content or can’t motivate themselves to write blog posts?

Surprisingly, I didn’t hit writer’s block until the very last blog post. There was one day where I wrote four blog posts in a day, which I had never done before. The feeling of being that productive was a huge push to get everything else done. However, Saturday’s blog post, entitled ‘navita stationery set review: the muji dupe,’ took me a while to write up. So long in fact I wrote the end half of it the day it was published! Procrastination at its finest. 

One of my tips for bloggers with writer’s block is to get your creative juices flowing and have a fun brainstorming session. Get out a piece of paper or a notebook, play a podcast, grab your favourite pieces of stationery, light a candle and start splurging out as many ideas you can think of. Something I learnt from my fellow blogger ‘Grace Ariya’ is that when you are stuck for ideas and inspiration you should look around your room and create ideas from the things in it. For example, I could look at my bullet journal and think, ‘why don’t I do a bullet journal setup post?’ My tip for coming up with content is to look back at your own blog posts and seeing if you could expand on previous concepts you had before. Also to read through blogs that you follow and draw inspiration, but not copying without giving credit!

3) As well as your blog, you also upload a lot of successful  IGTVs, what inspired you to start making those and what tips would you give for people who are new to Instagram?

Honestly being very bored in quarantine is what inspired me to start them! They have become such a great part of my content and are so fun to create! My favourites I’ve made so far are my vlogs, the q&a and the my favourite songs video. You can go check them out over on my Instagram @imaanazizblogs. One of my tips for newbies is that you should try and find your niche, voice and what makes you stand out from the crowd as soon as possible! My niche is mainly productivity, throughout my blogging journey I saw countless beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers and more, but saw there was a lack of productivity bloggers. If there were productivity bloggers they were highly under-rated! So I decided to choose that as my focus for all my platforms. Additionally, connecting with similar people to you is very important, I actually have a whole guide on how to make connections and do collabs over on my blog! My last quick tips are to post consistently, be active on your stories and to support others before you expect any support yourself.

4) Finally, as mentioned before, your Instagram is doing so well! What do you think the future is for you? Any thoughts about something like a Youtube Channel soon? 

I get the “YouTube Channel’ question a lot but I really don’t think YouTube would be right for me! Fun fact I actually had a YouTube channel when I was eleven, I stopped making them because people at my school found out and were teasing me. Obviously being so young, what they said would really hurt so I just quit. I’m so glad I’ve learnt now that other people’s negative opinions don’t matter, sometimes I do regret quitting it. I believe eventually I would have got the hang of editing, figured out my niches and shared my content properly like I do with my blog. At eleven I had no idea what these things even were so my videos were kind of bad! Aside from that, a YouTube channel isn’t really on the cards for me at the moment, I’m sticking to blogs and IGTVs for now!

And that’s it! Thank you so much Zainab for interviewing me! I loved all you questions! I’ll finish with: Keep Smiling and Goodbye :), a line I use to complete all my blog posts!

Thank you so much to Imaan for agreeing to be part of this interview go check her blog and Instagram out!

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Blogger’s Confessions With Anna

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, we’re back for another Blogger’s Confessions Interview. Today, I’m here with the lovely Anna who has a cool blog that talks about so many different topics I’ll link it here. Let’s get onto the questions! Also, before we start I just wanted to say Blogger’s Confessions is inspired by Happy Hour on Sophie’s Corner Blog so check her posts too! Now let’s welcome Anna to Blogger’s Confessions!

  1. Anna, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. You have quite a popular blog and recently achieved 100 followers! How long did it take you to a grow an audience that big and what advice would you give to bloggers that want to grow?
    Firstly, thank you for interviewing me, Zainab! It really means a lot. So it took me around one and a half months to get 100 followers. It’s getting really close to my second month-iversary. My advice would be to keep posting consistently, but not take too much pressure. Because I feel like the more pressure you take, it actually shows in your writing, and will make the posts sound fake and artificial. My second piece of advice would be to also interact well with your audience. I’ve met amazing bloggers along the way and made some close internet friends:)
  2. On your blog you have very unique posts such as the ‘Myths About Hinduism’ post. Where do you get inspiration for posts like this and what advice would you give to people for coming up with content?
    Aww thank you! I’m glad that you think my posts are unique. I guess I just get inspiration from myself to be honest. I blog about things that interest me and are part of my personality, so my posts can have a more personal approach.
  3. We all know the internet can be sometimes cruel, has anyone ever given you hate comments, if so what advice would you give to people to get through it?
    I haven’t exactly gotten hate comments, because I feel like our WordPress community is a very sweet, encouraging one. But I have gotten a few comments that kind of criticised what I wrote, but not directly. I take these comments like constructive criticism and my advice to fellow bloggers would be this:don’t let haters bring you down, let them make you stronger. Haters are everywhere, and most of the time it’s probably not because they actually hate your post. It’s probably just because they want to pull you down, so don’t let them get to you.
  4. Finally, how long have you been blogging for and who or what inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve been blogging for around 2 months now I think. I was actually inspired to blog by Tashi Rodriguez and other fashion blogs, and my first ever blog was a fashion blog. But eventually I scrapped that because I realised I love a lot of other things, too. So then I started my current one!

Thank you so much for interviewing me, Zainab! Lotta love xx

Thanks so much to Anna for agreeing to be interviewed, I hope her advice helps you guys and your blogs! Let me know in the comments who you want to see interviewed next!

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Blogger’s Confessions with Daisy from Daisy’s Corner

Hey everyone it’s Zainab! This is my first ever collab and I’m super excited to do it, today I’m starting a new part of my blog called Blogger’s Confessions where I’ll be interviewing other bloggers on what it’s really like having a blog and sharing tips and advice in the blogging community! My first guest today is the person that actually inspired me to start Blogger’s Confessions, please welcome Daisy from Daisy’s Corner! She has an amazing lifestyle blog where she shows a lot of her productivity. She also has a new series called Happy Hour where she interviews other bloggers too (her series inspired me to start Blogger’s Confessions) so let’s just jump right into the questions!

Also, before we get started I just wanted to say how proud I am of Daisy. Some of you may know her as Sophie Amara, however that’s actually her pen name! Recently, she came out of her shell and went by her real name Daisy, so go check her out and show her some love!

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions Daisy, my first one is: You have got a successful blog with over 200 followers and over 1000 Instagram followers! How long did it take you to grow that large of an audience and what advice would you give to other bloggers who would like to expand?
     Thank you for involving me! I started my Instagram account in January 2019 and my blog in August 2019. It took me around a year to reach 1000 followers over on my Instagram, my main tips for growing your social media account would be to: use relevant hashtags in your posts (I think Instagram lets you use 32 as the maximum but I’m not entirely sure), be active on your story & interact with your followers, post consistently and as often as possible and engage in other people’s content too. My blog has only recently properly grown, and I still can’t really believe it! My biggest tip would just be to stick with it and don’t give up. I had around forty followers for the first seven months and then it was only in March when we came into quarantine that I started getting so many more followers! I had much more time to produce good quality content and I could invest so much more of my attention & effort into my blog posts. I also have done two brand collaborations since entering lockdown and I have done countless collabs with my blogger friends! So I’d just advise everyone to try and look beyond the numbers, it does take a while to gather lots of consistent readers but if you just start by focusing on making your blog the best that it can be and then when you’re happy THAT is when you can focus more on the engagement and the numbers.
  2. Your blog posts are always so interesting and engaging that many people love, where do you get post inspiration from for categories like Happy Hour and who inspired you to start Daisy Corner

Oooh I love this question! So when I first started Instagram, early last year, I started off as a quotes account. I would post inspiring quotes every day. But then my account seemed to morph into a photography account and I began posting some of my own photos alongside the quotes. It was when I started doing this that I got a large following from many similar accounts (photographers and bloggers). I made friends with a lovely girl called Grace Ariya and she really inspired me, as she had a blog at the time which I loved reading. I had always had a passion for writing but I’d never tried blogging before so I set up a blog with a platform called Wix and started publishing some posts. I didn’t really get the hang of it though and I ended up deleting that blog. I then did lots of planning & looked into many different platforms, this took me around sixth months and then when I was certain I was ready to start blogging again I started up my blog with WordPress. I absolutely love it and can’t imagine my life without blogging now (even if that does sound a little dramatic haha)! At the beginning of each month, I sit down and write out twenty blog post ideas. Then I pick my favourites and allocate them to certain days so that I have a content plan. I’m still not entirely sure where these ideas come from, they’re mainly the types of things that I think I’d enjoy reading and sometimes an idea will blossom from an email I receive off a reader with a request for a certain blog post. I also have quite distinguished niches (productivity, food, lifestyle & positivity) so sometimes I will just write these words in the middle of a page and then mind map lots of ideas or words that link to them around it. For example, I may write productivity and then that could stem to words like studying or waking up early then that could inspire me to do a blog post of study tips or a morning routine etc.

3)  Blogging can be very fun but sometimes people can receive hate comments. Have you ever received hate, if so what advice would you give to people to get through it?
I’ve actually never received any hate comments, all of my followers & readers are so supportive and lovely!

4) Your blog is already so popular, what do you think would be your next blogging milestone and what would you like to achieve in the blogging world?
I’m not really sure. I’d love to reach 500 followers and I also have a ‘dream brand’ in mind that I’d love to collab with 😉 I think the main thing I want to do is inspire and motivate others to be the best versions of themselves possible, if I manage to do this then I’ll be happy!!

5) Do you think you will keep blogging as you get older, if you would, what new topics do you think you would blog about?
Yes, I hope so. I think I will continue to post about productivity and then when I go to college/university I would like to do lots of posts about this and what to pack etc. I do think I’d like to do some travel blogging as well in the future but I’ve not really thought that far ahead yet. All I know is that I would definitely love to continue blogging.

Well guys, that’s all the questions for Daisy! Thank you again to Daisy for agreeing to participate in this collab, be sure to check out her amazing blog here. I hope you guys liked this collab, let me know if you want to see more Blogger’s Confessions and which bloggers you would like to see!

Also, just before I leave you guys, please let me know if you want me to Blog 3 times a week instead of two! Tell me in the comments if you would like to see that soon!

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