My Lockdown Summer Bucket List!

Hey everyone, it’s Zainab! I’ve seen a lot of people writing out their Summer Bucket Lists lately, so today I’ll share 10 things on mine!

  1. Go In My Garden More
    I think during these times I’ve needed to enjoy the fresh air more, if you have a garden, allotment or anything of the sort it’s a great way to enjoy nature while you stay safe!
  2. Find A Pen Pal / Write More Letters
    I have always wanted to have a Pen Pal and I think it would be really cool to write to one of my friends instead of text them albeit it would definitely take longer to respond to eachother.
  3. Pull An All Nighter
    I’m not sure why, but pulling an all nighter is something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve never gotten round to it! Let me know your tips for pulling an all nighter!
  4. Visit A Fruit Farm
    Again, I’ve always wanted to go to a fruit farm as I think fruit would taste so much more delicious if I hand picked it myself, and everyone says it’s so fun! I hope this is the year I’ll get round too it.
  5. Cook A Meal For Family
    I have cooked a bit for my family but those are just snacks, or desserts so I would love to cook a proper dinner meal for my family!
  6. Practice Photography
    Photography has always been a skill I’ve definitely want to improve and now with all this free time, I’ll hopefully get time to perfect it!
  7. Attend A Virtual Event / Tour
    Attending a virtual event would be really fun and cool, I’ve actually already done one but I’d love to try and do another!
  8. Learn Calligraphy
    I have no idea why but I see so much fancy calligraphy, so I want to try and learn it!
  9. Have A Netflix Watch Party With My Friends
    I’ve already done this but I really want to do this again with friends during the Summer!
  10. Go On Long Bike Rides
    I have already done bike rides but not long ones so I’d love to go on longer ones as it’s good for exercise and super fun!

So guys, those are the 10 things on my Summer Bucket List! Please let me know at the end of the Summer if you want me to do a follow up post to it! How many of these have you already done? Let me know below!

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Have a great day!



4 Things I Can’t Live Without!

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, I thought that today we could do a fun blog post called 4 Things I Can’t Live Without! Before I get started, thanks so much for 60 followers! Now, let’s jump into things!

  1. My Unicorn Sleep Mask!
    I don’t know about you, but lately I haven’t been able to sleep unless it’s peaceful. I think the mask does a great job of blocking everything out, allowing me to relax and go to sleep! I also got it on a Summer Trip so it also bring back memories!
  2. Tangle Teezer Hair Brush
    This brush is literally a lifesaver! If you ever have knots in your hair then this brush does the trick! It’s literally the perfect size and removes all tangles in your hair!
  3. Water Bottle
    This is pretty self explanatory, it’s always good to stay hydrated and a water bottle let’s you stay hydrated so I don’t know what I would do without it!
  4. My Phone
    This one is also obvious! I use my phone for lots of things, such as communicating with my friends, responding to emails and more!
  5. Bonus: Friends & Family
    I decided to add a bonus to the list because I literally can’t live without my family and friends and I don’t know how I’ve managed so far!

Well guys that’s it, 4 things I can’t live without (and a bonus) can you guys relate? Let me know below! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Have an amazing day!

How I Exercise In Quarantine

Hello everyone it’s Zainab welcome back to the blog! As some of you may know a couple of months ago I did a post called ‘3 Easy Steps For Better Indoor Exercising’ so I decided to do a followup post and share how I exercise in the quarantine!

  1. Using Resistance Bands
    Resistance bands are a super easy cheap way to get fit! They are bands that you place on different parts of your body and I do different exercises and it helps build up muscles and you don’t need any other equipment! You can use them for developing most muscles but my favourite to do are biceps and the core! The best part is there are different strengths depending on how strong you are! I’ll add a link so you can get them here!
  2. Exercising With A Partner
    We may not be able to get personal trainers in quarantine but exercising with a member of your family can push you and make you work even harder, I know it definitely makes me put more effort into my workout when doing it with my Dad!
  3. Motivating Myself
    Lately, when I have exercised I always made sure I motivated myself. Does anybody know about the film Rocky?? Just me? Okay! Well it’s about a man who worked very hard to be a strong boxer and he has some really catchy workout music, so whenever me and my Dad work out we always put on that music and motivate ourselves!

Well that’s it guys! Three ways I workout better at home and how you can too! I hope this helps you guys let me know if you would like to see more fitness posts as I don’t do them that often!
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Have an amazing day everyone!

My ‘Must Read Books’ List

Hey everyone, it’s Zainab welcome back! I would like to thank Christina for giving me the idea of writing this post. Today, I’m going to share with you 5 books from my ‘To Be Read’ books so you guys can share what you think of the books and whether they are worth reading!

  1. Becoming by Michelle Obama
    I have been recommended this book so many times before and Michelle Obama is such an inspirational woman so I would love to read about her life and how she overcame her struggles!
  2. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
    From a young age, I have always been inspired by Malala’s work and what she did so young girls in Pakistan could have an education. I have seen her documentary but I would be very interested to see it written from her perspective in the book and what she plans to do next.
  3. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
    I’ve heard this is a very popular and moving story so I would love to read it sometime, please let me know a basic synopsis if you have read it in the comments!
  4. Shadowsea by Peter Bunzl
    I have actually read the first 3 books in this series (check out the review here) so I would love to see how Lily and Robert’s adventures come to an end! I also got the opportunity to meet the author last year and he said the last book would be amazing, so I’m looking forward to getting it soon!
  5. Smile by Raina Telgemeier
    I actually had never heard of this book until I was recommended it on Goodreads and reading the synopsis it looks like such an emotional story about a girl named Raina overcoming all her obstacles in life. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from the book!

So those are top 5 must read books guys, thanks for reading this post! Let me know what you think of them if you have read them!
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Have a great day!

3 Easy Steps For Better Indoor Exercising

Hey everyone, with quarantine it’s really hard to go out and about to exercise sometimes, so today I thought I would share with you my 3 easy steps for exercising from the comfort of my home.

Also, just before we start the post I have a huge announcement: The Z.H Blogs Newsletter is in development and is coming out very soon! If you want to subscribe you can find the button on the home page of my blog or you can click here. Also, as a little sneak peak, my first newsletter contains super cute phone backgrounds you can use! Now let’s start the post!

1) Do What You Can
Only you know what you can or can’t do, so if you have an instructor who normally pushes you take this time to discover what you can or can’t do during exercise. Also, since you’re at home, take the time to learn some new exercise skills.

2) Watch A Video or Tutorial
Personally, I can’t exercise on my own, so I find it really helpful to watch a video to guide me through the workout. If you find it too fast you can always slow it down or pause it and it’s great because there are so many exercise videos out there! Also, if you have a Fitbit there are built in exercise tutorials you can try too! If you wanna try my favourite exercise tutorial check it out here.

3) Get A Family Member To Help You!
Let’s face it, exercising on your own is boring. So if you get a family member to help you not only will it give someone to keep you company, it will also have someone to give you motivation!

Well that’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope you’re all staying safe and let me know in the comments what you would like to see next!

What To Do When You’re Bored At Home (Because Of Pandemic)

Hey everyone, boredom is literally most peoples lives right now! With the coronavirus we have nothing to do but stay at home and chill. Even after just sleeping all day it starts to get kind of boring (okay that’s an understatement, VERY BORING.) So today, I thought I would share with you some things I do when I’m bored in quarantine!
1)  Read A Book
So this one most people think is boring but it all depends on the book! I find if I read a book with a really interesting plot, then I’ll have more of a chance of reading it. The only problem is, I have trouble motivating myself to read a book because sometimes I find it a bit boring… but I wanna improve! Let me know in the comments your tips for motivating yourself to read. Lately, be
cause of the current crisis I have loved reading books that empower me.

2) Play A Video Game
Seriously guys, I’m motivated to do this one more then read a book😂. I have  recently bought SIMS 4 and I’m loving it! I have just started the 100 Baby Challenge. I had three kids and two of them were taken away 😢 so SIMS 4 is a great way to spend my time right now! The only thing is I can only play an hour a day so I don’t get too obsessed, but it’s better then nothing! I would also recommend games like Roblox or Minecraft; they’re super cool too!
3) Start A New Project
This is essentially gonna be something that you can really put 100% into and work hard, for me example that would be starting my new bullet journal that you saw in my previous post! It’s something I will work hard on and keep making the layout better and better! However, you could always do something like… start a blog! This is a great way to keep you occupied!
4) Call A Friend Or Relative
Even though we have to stick to our new social distancing rules doesn’t mean we can’t keep connected with the people you love! There are so many applications such as Whatsapp or Google Hangouts which can easily be used to stay in touch with the people you love! ❤
5) Work Out (In A Fun Way)
Staying active is so important in these times as we can’t go outside to fitness centres; but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit! For example, in my garden we have a football goal so me and my brother play football together. It’s fun but it also keeps you fit too! Also, you could do something as simple as exercising in your room! There are so many fun stretches that keep you active and even something as simple as a skipping rope gives you a lot of fitness fun and is so effective!

Thanks for reading these tips guys, I hope they are useful to you. Make sure you have an amazing rest of the week and stay happy and healthy. ❤

My Daily Routine (In Quarantine)

Hey everyone, I thought I would share to you my daily routine in quarantine just to share what I’m doing to get through these times. ❤️ Also, just before we start the blog posts make sure you always wash your hands especially in these times and if you’re a blogger and would like to swap buttons comment on my Blog Buttons Page! Let’s start the post!

Wake Up : I don’t really have a specific time to wake up but it’s roughly around 8am. I feel this is the perfect time for me to start my day!

Homeschooling – 8:55 till 2:45.   These are my school hours so I always think it’s best so stay on a rough schedule so I stick to these times when doing my homeschooling! This has been my first time home schooling and honestly, I’m loving the experience. Being able to organise yo
ur school work and managing your time just makes me feel more free!

Chill Time – 2:45   Honestly, in this time I just spend time relaxing. I will probably either be calling my friends, watching Netflix or playing either Sims or Roblox!😁

Exercise Time – 5:30 
Right, the most tiring part of my day! My parents always encourage me to stay active therefore ever since quarantine started, I decided to set some time every day to exercise. I will work out for about 15 – 20 minutes depending on my mood and how I’m feeling! So let me know in the comments if you want me to share my exercise routine because I’m not a professional, I’m doing it to get more active!

Family / Friends Time – 6:00   From this time onward I will usually either play a board game with my  family or just spend time with them! Also, ever since quarantine started me and two of my best friends have been using Netflix Party every weekend at 7:30. It’s an amazing service by Netflix that let’s you watch a show together when you’re not in the same place! Netflix Party is so cool so I would definitely recommend you checking it out!

Dinner Time – Roughly about 8:00   Ever since quarantine we have been eating dinner a bit later then usual as the next day, we don’t really have to rush around for school! Therefore, we like to take time in my house to enjoy our days! 😀

Bed Time – Any time after 9:30.   Honestly guys lately I don’t have a scheduled time to go bed but what I can say is I definitely go before midnight which still gives me 7 hours of sleep!

Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed, tell me what you’re doing in quarantine in the comments! Have a great weekend guys!

Lifestyle: How I Celebrated International Women’s Day

Hey everyone, as some of you may know, today is International Women’s Day and I absolutely love girl power! So, today I want to share with you how I celebrate International Women’s Day!

So, the first thing I like doing is finding new speeches to watch about women empowerment. Like, this year Megan Markle went back to the UK to promote Women’s Day so I loved hearing her speech and reading articles about what she said! You can find a great one here.

My other tip is pretty obvious but it’s to let people know, there are so many girls around the world who need to be empowered so if you just spread the word then it can really make a difference. Do anything from, letting your family and friends know to posting it on your Whatsapp Status!

Another thing you can do is to get inspired by a huge inspirational female in your life, and tell them how much they mean to you. Therefore, for me it would be my Mum who works hard to help me do my best every day. For you it could be anyone from your: Mum, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin or anybody else! Just let an important woman in your life know that they are appreciated.

My final tip is to strike a pose with the equal sign to show men and women are equal! Post it anywhere with the tag #EachForEqual to show that you support gender equality!

Thanks for reading this post guys, I hope you celebrate International Women’s Day as everyone is equal! Just remember this years theme #EachForEqual!
Stay Positive 🙂

Lifestyle: Top 5 Books That Every Teen Should Read!

Hey guys, welcome back! Today I thought I would share with you 5 books that I think should be on every teen’s ‘must read’ book list and are definitely on mine. Just before I get started you should remember I have not read all of these books but I will be telling you why they’re on my list and if I have read it, then why you should too! 😀

1) Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
So, I have not read this book however I have a bunch of friends who keep recommending it to me. I’m dying to read it! I just have to finish a book series I’m currently reading. Anyway, the basic story line is that North America was changed into the Capitol of Panem. Every year, each district had to choose a boy and a girl to compete in the Hunger Games. Since I haven’t actually read it, I do not know how the story will progress, but I’m very excited to read it soon!
 2) The Promised One by David Alric
I have read this book, although it was a couple of years ago I do remember it being extremely action packed and interesting! It tells the story of Lucy, she’s the Promised One which means she can talk to any animal in the Animal Kingdom. She has a huge destiny and this story tells the tale of how she conquers fears and quests! It’s great for anyone, whether they love animals or are into adventure books. I’m actually lucky enough to of met David Alric and have a signed copy of the book!

3)  Harry Potter by JK Rowling
I just think to myself, most people have read Harry Potter, but you will be surprised how many teenagers don’t! Harry Potter is an amazing story that tells the story of Harry, he’s an orphan that finds out he’s a wizard and he’s accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is such a great story of adventure  and magic! I have to say it’s much better then the movie.

4) Wonder by RJ Palacio
This book is probably one of the most emotional books I have ever read and I think all teens should read it as it talks about bullying, kindness and let’s you know it’s okay to be different. I think lots of teenagers nowadays try and always ‘fit in’ but the truth is you should embrace who you are! That’s what this book teaches, I don’t want to spoil this book but you can let me know how you liked it!

5) Shadow by Micheal Morpurgo
Shadow was an amazing, moving story. It told the story of the immigrant boy Aman whose fleeing from the war in Afghanistan. It tells the story of how him and his Mum survive the horrors with their dog Shadow. It really is a heartwarming story and anybody (I mean literally anybody) should read this book!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoy it and give these books a read! Let me know what you think of them in the comments! Also, my next post will be related to travel!
Stay Positive 🙂

Lifestyle: Top 5 Gifts A Teen Would Want For Their Birthday

Hey everyone, today I thought I would share top 5 gifts teens would want for their birthdays as sometimes you can have a really hard time choosing!
1) Clothes
For someone who loves fashion and trendy outfits you can never go wrong with clothes. They are practical and useful. Clothes are a basic necessity of life so buy someone clothes that are their size, style and taste. Make sure you know what they are into whether it’s jeans or dresses. Personally, I love wearing jeans and always wear dresses if I’m at a party or event.
2) Something to organise a room
Okay guys, is it just me or do you just love getting presents that help you organise your room or make it look more put together? Things like pin boards to hold up reminders or whiteboards to write homework you need to do always makes me happy! Let me know if you are similar to me!
3) Books
If you know someone who is really into reading then you should get them a book; but not just any book, get them a book you know they will enjoy! Take time to read the blurb, reviews and check
the genres. Then you will be able to see if your friend would really love the book you give them. For example, I have a friend who is really into Harry Potter so I would probably buy them a book similar to Harry Potter or I would buy them a book in the series they have not read.
4) A video game
If you have a friend who loves gaming then you could get them a video game or anything along the lines of that. For example, I have friends who love Roblox so you get them a Roblox Gift Card. It’s small but it would definitely make the recipient happy. Also, don’t feel limited just to get computer games. You can buy Playstation and XBox games or anything in between. Some great computer games are things like Sims 4 and Roblox. You can find more games teens might like by clicking here.
5) Technology
So this idea kind of links with section four and  is a bit pricey so family members would probably read this. I’m pretty sure most teens would love technology so things like Phones or iPads would be great options for people who are willing to spend a bit more money on their friends and family. A great tip is to actually ask the person what they want; then you know your rough budget or roughly what to buy them. Technology can be expensive!
Thanks for reading this post guys, before I go just remember it’s okay if you don’t get what you want for your birthday. Remember it’s the thought that counts! Thanks for reading.
Stay Positive 🙂