You Are A Champion by Marcus Rashford and Carl Anka Book Review

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! I’ve been super excited to write today’s post as it’s a book review of the brand new book: You Are A Champion written by Marcus Rashford and Carl Anka. Let’s jump into the review!

Official Reviews:
You Are A Champion received a great review of 5/5 stars on Audible as well as well as a 5 Star Rating on Goodreads!

My Opinion:
For me, I really enjoyed this book – it was the type of book that you could sit in the garden on a sunny afternoon and really enjoy, which is exactly what I did! It contained some really great life advice from Marcus and he shared some really important life lessons he learned which I’m definitely going to take from the book!

One thing I really liked about this book was the writing style. Marcus wrote it in a very friendly and simplistic tone (similar to the way I write my blog posts, actually!) and it felt like we were having a real conversation. It was as if he was sitting with me and passing his knowledge down to me, which personally I loved. The writing style made me want to keep picking up the book and learning more from him!

Another thing I preferred about this book compared to other self help books is that Marcus split up books into 8 different chapters with ways on how to become your own champion such as: confidence and dealing with adversity!

Also, in each of the chapters he shared his own experiences from his life and included affirmations he uses in his life – and you guys know how much I love affirmations! – Some of my favourites were: ‘Don’t take losses, take lessons’ and ‘You have two ears and one mouth so be able to listen to others when they need it!’ I definitely know these two specifically will be sticking with me for a long time!

This book was such a great read and I’d definitely recommend it to any teenager right now – it will help you whether you realise or not. I’d definitely recommend you make a purchase, and of you purchase one from WHSmiths, Marcus promised to donate one per every purchase to children who don’t own books!

Tear up the rule book. Find your own lane. You are only in competition with yourself. In this inspiring, positive and practical guide, Marcus gives YOU the tools you need to reach your full potential and will show you that your possibilities really can be endless.

Thank you so much for reading guys, let me know if you’ve read this book or something similar in the comments!

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