All American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney Book Review

Hey everyone, Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! It feels like forever since I’ve done a proper book review – because as some of you may know, I had a summer reading slump. But, I’ve finally started to enjoy reading again so I thought I’ll start reviewing again. For today’s post, I’ll be reviewing All American Muslim Girl, written by Nadine Jolie Courtney. Let’s jump into the review!

Official Reviews

All American Muslim Girl received some amazing reviews – including an average of 4/5 stars on Goodreads. As well as, 5 stars from Common Sense Media. Barnes and Noble gave an overall rating of 4.3/5 Stars.

My Opinion

All American Muslim Girl is a book that I was very excited to read before I had even opened it. I was thrilled to see some Muslim representation in a book, and was eager to know what would happen in the story!

As a basic setup of the plot, Allie Abraham is having a worry-free life, she’s doing well in school, close with her parents and friends, and has a good relationship with her boyfriend Wells. All while she’s keeping her Islamic faith private, which is easy for her as she doesn’t ‘look’ muslim. The book begins with discrimination towards her father about his faith which then sparks her growing interest in Islam, which she explores throughout the book.

Tackling discrimination is a huge part of the story, starting from the very first page. When Allie sees the amount of islamaphobia in society she realises it’s time to speak up and it’s a huge part of the story. The way she does in the story is a breakthrough, so I won’t share how. But what I will say, is it’s clear Allie was educated in order to do this, and it took her a long way to get to that point. Which is also a lesson to the readers, when you see something going on, educate yourself and stand up for yourself!

Another big plot point of the book is that before Allie started embracing her faith, nobody ever thought she was muslim because she didn’t ‘look like a muslim.’ I think this theme in the book is a lesson to all of her classmates and also us as readers, you don’t have to look a certain way to believe something or be part of a religion.

Overall, I really enjoyed All American Muslim Girl. I thought Nadine Jolie Courtney did a great job at taking Allie on a journey of rediscovering herself (through her starting to pray, learning from the Quran etc) while the book also did a good job of taking the reader on a journey of learning a little bit about Islam while still immersed into a great story. By the end, Allie knows she’s still not a perfect muslim, but she’s at peace knowing she has the right intention – and remember, nobody is perfect!

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Allie Abraham has it all going for her—she’s a straight-A student, with good friends and a close-knit family, and she’s dating cute, popular, and sweet Wells Henderson. One problem: Wells’s father is Jack Henderson, America’s most famous conservative shock jock…and Allie hasn’t told Wells that her family is Muslim. It’s not like Allie’s religion is a secret, exactly. It’s just that her parents don’t practice and raised her to keep her Islamic heritage to herself. But as Allie witnesses ever-growing Islamophobia in her small town and across the nation, she begins to embrace her faith—studying it, practising it, and facing hatred and misunderstanding for it. Who is Allie, if she sheds the facade of the “perfect” all-American girl? What does it mean to be a “Good Muslim?” And can a Muslim girl in America ever truly fit in?

Thank you so much for reading this review, I know it was quite long, but I had quite a lot to say about the book. If you enjoyed this, make sure you comment down below if you’ve read All American Muslim Girl or what you’re reading right now!

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