Dealing With Setbacks As A Young Person

Hey everyone, it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about something that everyone goes through: Setbacks. Setbacks can be so irritating sometimes and especially as a young person, they can be hard to deal with as sometimes we’re treated as too young to take things seriously but too young to be able to take action. Unfortunately, they can come in every aspect of life, whether it’s blogging, school, personally etc! But today, I’ll share how I deal with and how you can generally deal with them too!

Quickly Come Up With The Next Steps

When I experience a setback, the first thing I tend to do is come up with a plan of what I’ll do next ASAP. I feel like this just gives me reassurance that I can actively make the situation better but it also allows me to plan for the future of what I can do to get past it.
Some examples are if you didn’t do well in an exam, some next steps could be speaking to your teacher to ask them to help you on where you went wrong or if you don’t get an opportunity at work you can plan to work hard to get it next time. They don’t need to be big next steps, just little things you can do to try and improve your situation and overcome the setback!

Talk To Someone Who Experienced Similar Setbacks

I have yet to do this, but something I’d really like to do is speak to someone who has gone through what I’ve gone through. For example, if you’re in the workplace and you didn’t get a promotion, you could speak to someone else who is doing well but also originally didn’t get a promotion – this can be really comforting in knowing you’re not alone! You can also ask them for the next steps to take, similarly to the first point!

Keep Persevering It

This is probably the thing I do the most, even though I come up with a different plan, I still find that I’m at a peace of mind if I fully persevere the setback. What I mean is, doing anything I can to make that specific setback better. For example, if I didn’t do great on a test then I would ask if I could redo it, or if someone didn’t want to do a written interview, I’d try a different format. Even just small changes can really overcome the setback!

So guys, this post was written based on some of my experiences, feel free to share in the comments your methods of overcoming setbacks and any of your stories!

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