The Importance Of Representation In The Media

Hello everyone it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to the blog. Today’s post is focusing on quite an important topic: Representation In The Media. I’ll be talking about why it’s important, what more can be done, and some examples of representation that are already out there. Let’s jump into it!

Why Representation Is Important
Representation is something that is extremely important as it helps people have comfort in who they are. In today’s society, everyone knows about mainstream media, whether it’s Working in the media, TV Shows, Books etc! So, when people don’t see someone who they can relate to in something that everyone will pay attention to, they begin to feel out of place and feel like they don’t belong in society. So representation, helps people realise that everyone is equal and it’s okay not to be exactly the same as everyone else!

Also, representation is important as it helps to educate others who already have representation and decrease bullying. As usually, people are bullied for being ‘different.’ Well the reality is, they’re not different, they just don’t have enough (or have a negative amount) of representation. Representation is so important to help people learn about and to respect other’s cultures!

How To Help Increase Representation
There are many things we can do to help increase representation. One of the easiest things to do is to support projects that already have representation. This will encourage media companies to create more as they know people will enjoy them!

Another thing to help increase awareness about the issue is to sign and share petitions. I know you wouldn’t think there any for issues like this. But there’s quite a few calling for representation to be improved, and to make people from more diverse backgrounds be safer and prevent discrimination when they’re working in the media!

Examples Of Representation
Although there’s not a high amount, there is still some great representation that should be more recognised and talked about more. I wish I could say the lost goes on, but unfortunately, there isn’t as much representation for different communities in mainstream media, so by checking out these projects with representation, hopefully it can push companies to integrate more representation into their projects!

  • Never Have I Ever – Netflix (Brown Community Representation)
  • Black Panther – Marvel Cinematic Universe (Black Community Representation)
  • Ms Marvel – Marvel Comics, Upcoming in Marvel Cinematic Universe (Brown Community Representation)
  • Modern Family – Netflix, Disney Plus (LGBTQ+ Community Representation)

Of course these are only the ones I’m aware of, so please share in the comments where you’ve seen examples of representation – I’d love to see more representation for other under-represented communities such as the Disabled Community, Other Ethnic Minorities, Etc!


Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you guys learned something new. Remember to share the representation you’ve seen in the comments!

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