My Lockdown Summer Bucket List!

Hey everyone, it’s Zainab! I’ve seen a lot of people writing out their Summer Bucket Lists lately, so today I’ll share 10 things on mine!

  1. Go In My Garden More
    I think during these times I’ve needed to enjoy the fresh air more, if you have a garden, allotment or anything of the sort it’s a great way to enjoy nature while you stay safe!
  2. Find A Pen Pal / Write More Letters
    I have always wanted to have a Pen Pal and I think it would be really cool to write to one of my friends instead of text them albeit it would definitely take longer to respond to eachother.
  3. Pull An All Nighter
    I’m not sure why, but pulling an all nighter is something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve never gotten round to it! Let me know your tips for pulling an all nighter!
  4. Visit A Fruit Farm
    Again, I’ve always wanted to go to a fruit farm as I think fruit would taste so much more delicious if I hand picked it myself, and everyone says it’s so fun! I hope this is the year I’ll get round too it.
  5. Cook A Meal For Family
    I have cooked a bit for my family but those are just snacks, or desserts so I would love to cook a proper dinner meal for my family!
  6. Practice Photography
    Photography has always been a skill I’ve definitely want to improve and now with all this free time, I’ll hopefully get time to perfect it!
  7. Attend A Virtual Event / Tour
    Attending a virtual event would be really fun and cool, I’ve actually already done one but I’d love to try and do another!
  8. Learn Calligraphy
    I have no idea why but I see so much fancy calligraphy, so I want to try and learn it!
  9. Have A Netflix Watch Party With My Friends
    I’ve already done this but I really want to do this again with friends during the Summer!
  10. Go On Long Bike Rides
    I have already done bike rides but not long ones so I’d love to go on longer ones as it’s good for exercise and super fun!

So guys, those are the 10 things on my Summer Bucket List! Please let me know at the end of the Summer if you want me to do a follow up post to it! How many of these have you already done? Let me know below!

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