Here’s Your Guide To The Blurting Revision Technique

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! If you’ll remember, I recently wrote a post on Active Recall, and how that can help you in school. In the post, I mentioned that blurting is a form of active recall – and today I’ll be getting into the specifics of it. Let’s jump into it!

What Is Blurting?

Blurting is essentially what it sounds like – blurting out information! But the idea is, you do this without looking at any of your notes prior to doing this. That way, your brain has to work harder to retrieve information (this is active recall!) That way, everything that’s been blurted is consolidated information and you’ll have a chance to identify any gaps in your knowledge.

Where Do You Start?

Start by choosing a subject and then choosing a topic within that subject. For my example, I chose Geography and then within that: River Processes.(But you can do this for any subject). I’d also like to note that it will be much more easier afterwards if you choose medium sized topics that are already sectioned off in your notes / revision guide because it will make your life a lot easier.

Then, I’d find a blank piece of paper – and blurt down everything I already know about river processes. Remember, don’t look at anything prior because the key is to make your brain work.

Once I’ve done this, I’ll look back through the notes for that subject and add in any extra information or correct any mistakes I’ve made. And I’ll highlight them to make it very clear – because the important information is the information I don’t know.

How Do You Progress Afterwards?

After you’ve finished the blurt, you just have to revise the content again. Remember, the key is to revise your weak points (the areas that you highlighted on your finished blurt) because that’s where the gaps in your knowledge are, and there’s no point revising what you’re already confident on. Remember, this helps with efficiency so working smart would be revising only what you need to revise!

Again, it’s best to do this with another active recall technique. Like flashcards, teaching someone or even a second blurt.

I hope this proved useful for any of you who have exams coming up! Let me know in the comments your favourite revision methods.

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A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey Book Review

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m back to posting more book reviews, and you guys know that my favourite genre is thriller, but this time I took a backseat from thrillers and decided to read a YA Romance called A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tomorrow. I don’t know that many people that have read it, but I really enjoyed reading it, so today I’ll be sharing my thoughts!

Official Reviews

A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tommorow is a New York Times bestselling book with a variety of reviews! 93% of Google Users voted that they liked the book along with an average customer reating of 4.6/5 stars on Amazon. On Goodreads, the average star rating is 3.82/5 stars and had an average of 4/5 stars on Common Sense Media.


For Lila Reyes, a summer in England was never part of the plan. The plan was 1) take over her abuela’s role as head baker at their panadería, 2) move in with her best friend after graduation, and 3) live happily ever after with her boyfriend. But then the Trifecta happened, and everything—including Lila herself—fell apart.
Worried about Lila’s mental health, her parents make a new plan for her: spend three months with family friends in Winchester, England, to relax and reset. But with the lack of sun, a grumpy inn cook, and a small town lacking Miami flavor (both in food and otherwise), what would be a dream trip for some feels more like a nightmare to Lila…until she meets Orion Maxwell.
A teashop clerk with troubles of his own, Orion is determined to help Lila out of her funk, and appoints himself as her personal tour guide. From Winchester’s drama-filled music scene to the sweeping English countryside, it isn’t long before Lila is not only charmed by Orion, but England itself. Soon a new future is beginning to form in Lila’s mind—one that would mean leaving everything she ever planned behind.

My Opinion

Even just from the cover (and I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover), it was very clear going into this that A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tommorow was going to be one of those comfort stories that you can go back to and read again. And I got this just from a few reviews, and the welcoming impression on the cover – and my expectations were reached.
The plot line was very sweet and thoroughly enjoyable. Telling the story of aspiring head baker Lila Reyes being sent to England to try and find herself again. It was quite a short, light read – but for me, I think books can be so saturated sometimes that this made for a really comforting read. The warmth and loving atmosphere you read about will definitely one I’ll be going back to read again in the future!

The idea of choice and the effects of making choices, are very prominent throughout this story. Despite Lila’s stubbornness in regards to wanting to go back home, as soon as she chooses to enjoy her time in England, new doors and avenues for her life are opened for her – prompting her to have to make even further choices. Some which are very difficult because she wants to consider all the factors, her family, what people will think, etc! And I think this is very relatable for any teenager (especially slightly older ones) reading this as they’re probably going through very similar situation in their own lives.

With the key message being, don’t be afraid to prioritise yourself. Lila goes on a journey throughout the book of self discovery, while still being afraid sometimes to make choices for herself without thinking of others. This was a huge responsibility of Orion and the rest of her friends in England, to help Lila come to terms with the fact that her future was the most important thing for her. They acted as great reminders, not only for Lila, but any readers going through similar situations.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book were the references to Lila’s heritage. Lila comes froma family with a Cuban background and she is unapologetically herself, and embraces her heritage with pride – which I love to see! She speaks Spanish in the book, she bakes Cuban food and shares Cuban traditions with others, and as someone who doesn’t know much about Cuban culture, it was so interesting to learn about.
It was also so refreshing to see a teenage character actually proud of their heritage, in a lot of YA stories, the arc comes from the main character finally learning to accept their heritage. But, from the beginning of this story, Lila already takes pride being Cuban and uses it to guide her and help her while she’s away from her family – and I love how books are now normalising diversity and characters already being proud of who they are. I only wish it could’ve been done sooner!

As well as the new people she meets in England, Lila’s family also plays a huge role in this book, despite the fact that they’re away from her for a majority of the book. Lila’s relationship with each of her family members all shaped her into who she was. Her sister helped her with business, her Abuela taught her the basics of baking and was the beginning of that chapter for her, etc! Each member of her family moulds Lila into the girl that came to England, and despite her anger at them, ultimately they were always there for her. This was so lighthearted to see in a YA book, as a lot of times there is major conflict. And while Lila and her family are not picture perfect, they love her no matter what – and that truly gives this book the ‘comfort factor’ that a lot of people seem to talk about.

If you’re looking for a quick easy read, perhaps something to boost your mood, I would definitely recommend this book – I smiled so much while reading it! I’d also like to add that they’re actually adapting this book into a movie, and they recently finished filming so when it comes out, let me know if you’d like to see a movie review too!

Thank you guys so much for reading this post. Let me know in the comments any reading recommendations or your thoughts on the book!

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Rida Rashid Speaks Out On The Pakistan Floods, Climate Activism & More!

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab here, welcome or welcome back to the blog! I’m sure many of you have heard about the devastating floods going on in Pakistan at the moment, all caused by the climate crisis that’s been occurring for years. I wanted to do something to shine a spotlight on this issue, and I thought rather than just writing a post based on news reports, I thought it would be more effective to speak to someone who is experiencing this first-hand at the moment.

So today, I’ve had the honour of interviewing teen Pakistani climate activist, Rida Rashid, who will speaking all about what she’s seeing first-hand, sharing ways to help, sharing why this is actually happening and more. (If you’re interested in only reading a specific part of the interview, then use the list of contents below.) Let’s jump into the interview!



Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview Rida. For anyone that doesn’t know who you are, could you give a brief introduction to yourself and your work?

My name is Rida Rashid and I’m a 19 year old climate activist based in Pakistan, and I’m the founder of the non profit organisation: Impact. Which is working on adaptation to climate change with a team of over 300 students across Pakistan. And I’ve been doing climate activism for the last nine years, which means I was very young when I started! And I’m also a part of many national youth panels on climate change. So, I’m doing my A-Levels and climate activism, and that’s it!

Photo From Rida’s Instagram (@rida_ik)


Currently the situation in Pakistan is terrible, over a ⅓ is underwater, considering you are from Pakistan can you just describe the current situation in Pakistan? What are people waking up to, what’s on the national news etc. Please give us the breakdown.

Honestly speaking, I’ve lost quite a lot of extended family members due to these floods and the floods in 2010. So, the situation right now: 1/3 of Pakistani land is underwater right now, we’ve lost 1,300 lives out of which 33.3% were children. And we’ve lost 500,000 livestock, 150+ land roots have been washed away, hundreds of bridges and thousands kilometres of roads have been destroyed – displacing around 37 million people which is more than the population of Canada or Australia. And this has caused the loss of $10 billion to Pakistan’s economy right now, there is more to come.

That’s really upsetting and crazy that situations like these have happened for so long, and only now are starting to get recognition. So, could you explain the cause behind this, we know it’s happening but why exactly is it happening to Pakistan? Especially considering that Pakistan is responsible for less than 1% of global emissions.

Definitely, I mean Pakistan is suffering basically due to it’s geographical location. There is no doubt about it, I mean my country is home to 7000+ glaciers, which is the highest outside the polar region, and they are melting at a very fast pace.
But at this point, with these recent floods, it’s a bit complicated. So, Pakistan this summer had temperatures going over 53°C, and that was the highest global temperature ever recorded. So, in science, warm air holds more moisture, and as it comes down, it’s damaging. And as glaciers are melting this is adding to the factors.
However, another added reason to this is lack of governance. After the 2010 floods, there was literally no plan devised (or even if there was, there was no implementation.) There is no transparency or accountability, which is needed in order to create a climate-resilient society, and we fail to do so.
So yes, while climate change has a large part to play in this, I think government incompetency has a bigger role right now with these floods.

Considering you’ve lived there and have had these lived experiences, how do you feel about how it’s being dealt with and the climate crisis in the rest of the world?

I think that we are not taking it seriously, after the climate movement that started globally, leaders said that they cared about it, but they don’t. Even in Pakistan, the government does not care.
I mean, we need to take it more seriously and take action. For them, it might just be promises and commitments, but for me, my country is underwater. We used to have four seasons a year, and now we just go from Summers to Winters.

For me personally, it feels very depressing and frightening and I feel that we need urgent action.


Speaking of action, how are residents and also the government in Pakistan dealing with this? What’s being done within the country?

Yes, there are NGOs and the people of Pakistan are very generous and have been donating to them. And all the relief work being carried out on the ground has been through NGOs.The government are not that active. The only relief has been provided by NGOs, non profits or the Pakistani army – they have been working really hard for this.

You’ve spoken about how long it’s taken for people to realise or provide relief, so why do you think it’s taken a while to realise this is a humanitarian issue rather than an individualist issue?

Yeah exactly, for me, climate change is no longer just weather events. It is our right to education, life, security, freedom and even food that’s being taken away right now!
I don’t know, I feel like we need to go back to our roots and see where everything went wrong and then fix it – because I don’t see what took us so long to make us realise that this is a humanitarian crisis

I know you said it’s going to cost over $10 billion. So could you share what people like me in the rest of the world can do to help Pakistan right now?

First things first, individual donations do work. You can donate to multiple organisations that work on the ground in Pakistan. And apart from this, once we’ve recovered, I’d really like citizens from other countries to be global activists and raise their voice about countries like mine. So, I want more people to talk about climate change, not just mitigation but urgent action.


Find A Full List Of Organisations & Fundraisers


You’re also the founder of Impact Pakistan, could you share a bit about Impact Pakistan and it’s cause?

Impact Pakistan is basically a group of children, we hold conversations around climate change and then we do projects around adaptation to climate change. Before these floods happened, we were working with the government of Pakistan on multiple policies, the water policy and other environment-related policies. For example, the plastic bag ban. So, we were trying to make sure that the policies that were already in place were implemented.
I mean, we started from planting trees and now we’re working on policy implementation. So, Impact Pakistan is a group of children working hard on policies and and also action on ground aswell.

Speaking of working on the ground, how does it make you feel knowing that it’s up to students/young people have to raise their voices now?

My mother’s village is underwater, so I do know that it’s really difficult. We are out of school, the schools in Balochistan are closed – it’s only Islamabad and some parts of Punjab that are still remaining where students are going to the schools. So, we’re out of school all year round because of climate change while advocating for it. Honestly, it’s painful. It’s not something we should be doing.

I’m so sorry to hear that, everyone deserves the right to education and it’s terrible it’s being taken away. Since you you founded the organisation: Impact Pakistan, what is the exact impact it strives to give Pakistan is this current period of time?

Alright, we are currently focusing on flood relief. But apart from that, we are focusing on rehabilitation from the floods from the damage done.
Impact Pakistan wants to be an organisation where we involve youth in: policy making, implementation of policies and we make sure the youth has a role to play in all decisions that are made.
So in terms of working on ground and with policy making, I really want Impact Pakistan to lead on this.

Photo From Rida’s Instagram (@rida_ik)


I’m sure it will grow to that! For any young person that wants to make a difference like this, all around the world, what advice would you give them? How can they get started and make their voices heard?

I’ll share this with you, when I started nine years ago (I was around 10 or 11) it was difficult, it’s not easy – even right now. But, you should never give up, you should keep raising your voice. There are multiple groups you can join, look at Fridays For Future! Just use your social media to raise your voice.

Write about it, speak about it – raise your voice. It matters, and it will be heard. Because we are the future and now we need to hold people accountable.

I love the idea of using your passions! What do you think is the importance of young people having a voice/perspective on policy making all throughout the world? 

I mean, we are the future. We are being affected. So, we are the best people to tell people how we want our future to look. So, youth should be given importance in policy making, everywhere around the globe. And people deciding our future, without us, doesn’t seem right.

I completely agree with you, have you ever been in meetings where you were the only young person in the room? Was it scary or intimidating?

Yeah, I’ve been in meetings where I’ve been the youngest person. It’s scary, but the fact that people in power think you’re a child and that your voice doesn’t matter – it took me a lot of time to make them realise that my voice matters and they should be listening. And now they do listen, it took me 9 years!

Yeah, I mean we have to do it as nobody else will do it for young people! You’ve obviously got your own organisations such as Impact, Project Aab, Fridays for Future & more! So, do you have any advice for young people wanting to start their own organisations?

For anyone that wants to start their own organisation in Pakistan or abroad, it’s about having the passion. Do not give up, it’s going to be difficult. It’s not easy to organise and lead a team all while facing the pressure. But it’s important that you don’t give up.

I’d say set up a social media, start it yourself (for the first three years I did everything myself. Graphic design, social media, collaborations etc!) And then when people see you doing it, they will want to join in and it will keep getting bigger.

And then it becomes a team effort! So how does it feel to lead a team as big as the one you do for Impact Pakistan?

Honestly speaking, it’s scary at times because you have responsibilities. You’re their voice and you’re leading them and representing them. So, it’s not easy leading a team, but I’m lucky enough to have this opportunity. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

Photo From Rida’s Instagram (@rida_ik)


I’ll end like this, what kind of future do you envision for Pakistan, and just the Earth’s climate as a whole?

One positive thing that’s happened because of these floods is that conversation has started. So, in Pakistan’s future, I really want the government to be transparent and bring accountability and put a system in place that can actually adapt to climate change.

What about yourself, once this situation hopefully ends do you have any future campaigns/projects planned?

Yes, I have a lot of projects planned. Through Project Aab, we were supposed to install filtration plants across Punjab to provide people with clean drinking water – so I’ll be working on that. And again, policy making and also making Pakistani climate activism active internationally aswell. Because I don’t see Pakistani activists given opportunities internationally. For example, at COP there were only 3 NGOs sending their representatives there so I really want to see youth at conferences like this!

Do you see yourself as an activist your whole life or would you want to go into the political field?

Yeah, I’ll definitely be going into politics. I was a child when I started this so my brain has been so emotionally involved that until I see everything fixed, I’m just not stopping. So, I think I’ll be getting a degree in political sciences or journalism and then pursuing a career in politics.

I think that was the best way to end off! Thank you so much for reading this interview, please go check out Rida’s links below to learn more about her and the incredible work she does. Also, please consider the causes I listed previously in the post for the Pakistan floods! If you’d like more information, you can contact with Rida and I’d also recommend this really informative article from the BBC. . Let me know in the comments what you found most interesting from this interview!

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How Active Recall Can Help To Level Up Your Studying

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! In the midst of back to school content, I thought I’d share a study technique that I learnt about at the end of last year which is active recall. It’s a game-changing study tip, one that’s helped so many other students (including myself) in school, so today I’ll quickly be sharing this technique with you guys. Whether it’s for school, university, work etc – this can work for anyone. Let’s jump into it!

What is Active Recall?

Active Recall has fairly recently become quite a renowned study tip for students because it’s so universal. Essentially, Active Recall works by you having to retrieve the information from your brain instead of taking it in like conventional study methods. There are many researchers who have found that using active recall in revision has proven to be much more effective then rereading notes or other inefficient methods!

Read More About Active Recall

Methods of Active Recall

  • Past Papers
  • Answering Your Own Questions
  • Blurting
  • Flash Cards
  • Teaching Someone Else

How Does It Work?

Active Recall works simply by making sure the knowledge from your revision goes to your long term memory instead of your short term memory so that you can easily recall it in a test.
By using a recall method instead of the traditional way of just looking over your work, it’s going into your brain once again and will be remembered for longer because your brain is really working in order to retrieve that information.
It also works out to be a lot more effective because once you have recalled everything you remember, that means you can spend more time focusing on what you don’t know and learn them instead of just repeating what you do know.

Read More About The Effectiveness Of Active Recall

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I know it was a short one but that’s because I’m planning to go over each method of active recall in more detail in a separate post. So, let me know what you’d like to see next!

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The Importance of Your Personal Values

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post was requested by a reader but coincidentally I also had a talk about this topic last week. Personal values have different levels of importance for so many people – but I think they’re super important. So today, I’ll be sharing why personal values are vital to everyone. Let’s jump into it!

What Are Values?

Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

Oxford Languages

Simply speaking, values are sort of like your moral code. Everyone has different values based on their own life experiences and individuals can tailor them each to their specific views and opinions and will strive to abide by them. People will always have their own values, regardless of whether they’ve outwardly said them or not, how they react in different situations throughout their life will help to mould their personal values.

Why Do People Have Personal Values?

People’s personal values can be so vital to them. With the main reason being so that they know what they can stand for in any difficult life situations. Your values can sort of help to navigate how you’ll feel in different situations and help to choose what you think is right or wrong.
A person’s values will always be so specific because they can help them remain true to themselves. If you think about it, a person has chosen values based on years worth of life experiences and values can benefit them as they can always remember where they’ve come from and to remember previous life lessons and other external factors to take into the future.

External Factors Affecting Your Values
Previous Life Experiences
People Around You
Religious Beliefs

Sticking To Your Everchanging Values

Sticking to your values can sometimes be the hardest thing but usually it’s one of the most rewarding things about making decisions.

Doing this will allow other people to know your personal boundaries and what you’re most comfortable with. It also allows you to be able to surround yourself with like-minded people who know your limits and have similar opinions on certain situations. They can also help you against any sort of peer pressure because you know what you will or won’t do in life. That’s why knowing your values in super important as you will be able to express them to others much more easily and will know when they change.

Throughout the course of your life, it’s obvious your values will change because you as a person has changed. It’s highly unlikely that all your values now are the exact same as all your values 5 years ago. But as you go through different chapters in your life – make sure you take time to reevaluate your values and see what’s changed, because this can affect how people interact with you too. It’s also likely that your friends/family’s values have changed. So just keep that in mind while interacting with them and try not to overstep any new boundaries they have. But also be sure to check up on them too if they don’t seem normal (remember values can also be influenced by peer pressure.)

Thank you so much for reading this post, I really enjoyed writing this as I was excited to put my knowledge to use! Let me know in the comments your thoughts on personal values, and whether you’d like to share yours.

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Reminders For The New School Year

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! You all really seemed to enjoy my post from last week about my goals for the upcoming school year. With August coming to end, some schools have already started and some are beginning within the next couple of weeks. So today, I’ll be sharing some practical and mindful reminders heading into the next academic year!

Make Sure All Your Revision Is Up To Date

Going into a new year (especially an exam year) means the level of how much content you’re studying with probably increase. Meaning that you’ll have new things to learn and studying. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared for that. So, save yourself time by making sure all your previous year’s revision resources are made and ready so you can just focus on the new content!
As a side note, this is your reminder to have an up to date planner ready. This will really be helpful for planning revision during exam season, when to do homework & more.

Keep A Record All Your Achievements

This is such a great hack that I actually read from Pooja’s blog post about Impostor Syndrome: which is having a record for your achievements. Going into a new year can definitely be stressful, but among that you will have moments where you will be celebrated for your hardwork. So keep a folder, record, draw etc. Just something to store all your achievements. So if you ever reach a hard point during the year or don’t feel worthy of yourself, you can have that reminder of your achievements and know you can get through it!

Make Sure You’re In Beneficial Environments

Going into a new school year is a great way to restart. So, feel free to take time to evaluate your situations, and just make sure you have a good environment around you. Be with people who will make you happy when you feel stressed, but also have the same work ethic to push yourself.
And if you don’t have that, you can stay with the same people – maybe you can just be the one to help them!
Also, this doesn’t have to be just friends. It could be, going to a study session for a subject with other people, or studying at the library where a lot of other teens are!

Thank you so much for reading this post – I know these reminders were helpful for me, so let me know in the comments if they were for you too!

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How I’m Trying To Become A Positive Realist

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m hoping you’re all having lovely days so far. Today’s post is going to be a follow up from one of my previous posts. I recently wrote a comparative discussion on Optimism & Realism reaching the overall conclusion that Positive Realism is what I want to implement into my life. So today, I’ll be sharing how I’m planning to do this. Let’s jump into it!

What Is A Positive Realist?

‘The attitude of positive realism combines both the visionary view,  as well as a realistic mode of thinking.’


In simpler terms, positive realism is essentially having a mindset that consists of a balance of optimism (positive thinking) and realism (realistic thinking).

Read My Blog Post on Optimism & Realism

Now I’ll be speaking about what steps I’m taking to make positive realism part of my own method of thinking!

1 – Reframing Dreams Into Reality

The key aspect of positive realism is that it’s the balance of two mindsets (as stated above) so it’s important to still have both of them. But instead of them contradicting eachother, they’re working in tandem in your mindset.

So, what I’m trying to do is continuing dreaming big – just as I normally would as an optimist. But, I’m trying to place those dreams in real world scenarios to imagine how they’d play out – just as a realist would. (And if you’re more of a realist, then do these steps just in the opposite order) Then, I’d be able to see how I can achieve those dreams all while being realistic. Usually for me, this is by setting realistic targets!

2 – Being Aware Of The Facts While Thinking About Your Desires

This sort of links into the last one, and is a bit more beneficial if you were someone who was solely an optimist prior. After setting your dreams as well as the realistic targets to achieve them, it still might be beneficial to do a bit more research to know what you’re getting into. So, it wouldn’t be harmful to do a little bit of research, maybe to see the odds of achieving the dream, or the methods people used to get there!
And whatever facts you may find, (positive or negative) you can use them to your advantage and know more information about the dream you’re chasing!

3 – Being Content With Changes

Changes in the road can hinder both an optimist and a realist. So, positive realism gives a good perspective on how both can get back from them!

As someone with a predominantly optimist mindset, I know firsthand that I expect things to go 100% smoothly. But, this isn’t always the case – and being a positive realist means you acknowledge this, and now just focus on the new targets to get back on track!
A realist may probably be someone who has prepared for setbacks – which is great! But this could hinder the scale of what they want to achieve, and may not think they can fulfil their full potential. So, while a realist is already going to be content and prepared for the changes, it mustn’t stop them from dreaming what they truly want to achieve because they know they can use realistic goals to get back on track from the expected setbacks!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope it was helpful! Let me know in the comments what you know about positive realism and whether you try to practice it in your life.

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Ms Marvel Series Review

Hello everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back! Today I’m posting another review – I did post a movie review last week however I knew I had to share my thoughts on the MCU’s latest show, Ms Marvel. This show means a lot to me on so many levels, so I’m really excited to share my thoughts today. Let’s jump into this!

Official Reviews

Ms Marvel received some incredible reviews from critics. It’s one of the best reviewed shows on Disney + which makes sense considering it received 98% from Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer as well as 8/10 from IGN with The Guardian calling it a ‘Glorious Debut!’

My Opinion

Ms Marvel is a series portraying Kamala Khan’s journey as she gets superpowers, all whole she’s just trying to be a normal teenager in high school. And I personally loved this! It’s not that often that the MCU creates coming-of-age projects, but it’s clear that they executed this one really well. Many people loved that they were able to relate to Kamala in so many ways in the growing up aspect, and as a teenager myself, it was very cool to see a superhero who had some of the same simple problems that I do.

Community is also a major part of this show. This is one of the only times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that a superhero has a stereotypical nuclear family dynamic (as in her family supports her being a superhero instead of trying to kill her like many other MCU family members!) And the dynamic between her social circle and herself is so wholesome. The show did a great job on casting the perfect people, Iman Vellani and the rest of the cast had amazing on-screen chemistry! Since this show was targeting more younger viewers, it was a great way to showcase that family and friendships are vital to everyone, even for superheroes.

One of my favourite scenes is in the finale episode, in which after she saved her community, her community (even strangers) save her from Damage Control taking her. And this scene really speaks volume. It shows how much goodness can have an impact and even ‘normal’ people without superpowers can make a difference in the world!

Another cool part of this show is the comic-book accuracy. Despite the controversy over changing her powers from elongation (her original comicbook powers) to manifesting light which came from a bangle, Marvel fans still loved how much the rest of the show stayed true to the comics! Everything from famous scenes to the show’s art and aesthetics were very much true to the comics. This may have been them trying to compensate for altering her comic book powers, but regardless I thought it was done amazingly!

From Episode 3 onwards, the show begins to touch on some historical aspects of Pakistani culture regarding the partition between Pakistan and India. And I thought the show handled this very well as it’s a very harsh topic for many families as people became divided and unfortunately people died. And I was really happy the show made true historical context as a major part of this show and it is referred to a lot when discussing the origins of Kamala’s bangle.

I had to save my favourite part for last, which is the representation! Because I think it was done beautifully in this show. Pakistani culture was very well represented in this show (I can say this being Pakistani myself!) I particularly resonated with her interactions with her family, and the South Asian market scenes. It was very clear that the show had people behind the scenes who understood the culture – which really increases my respect for Marvel for hiring diverse creatives and cast. In a society with representation at the heart of it, seeing Muslims and Pakistanis being represented as protagonists and them being shown as just normal people doing fun family things such as dancing at weddings is huge! Even though some people did review-bomb this show as seeing a Muslim Pakistani as a superhero was not what they were into, I hope this paves the way for the beginning of positive representation for all minorities.

Representation of fan culture is also such a fun part of this show. Kamala is so relatable as a fan – she loves the Avengers, she posts theories and reviews while attending fan events, she cosplays! It’s exactly what many fans of the MCU do and to see that portrayed on the big screen is very exciting. I think it shows, despite that the MCU is fictional, the idea of being a superhero and making a positive difference to the world is so appealing – and I think this is the creators way of nodding to fans showing that anyone can be a superhero!

Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Marvel! I’m really upset to see it go, I’ll miss the hints at culture, easter eggs and the humour from the incredible cast. But I’m hoping there’s a season 2! Any non Marvel fans reading, this is a great entry point into the MCU – I would recommend this to anyone!


Kamala is a superhero fan with an imagination, particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel; Kamala feels like she doesn’t fit in at school and sometimes even at home, that is until she gets superpowers like the heroes she’s looked up to.

Thank you all so much for reading this review – I really loved this show so please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to chat about what you think!

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A Guide To A Productive Summer Break

Hello everyone, it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to my blog! It’s the beginning of the summer holidays now – and I could not be more excited. One thing I’m looking forward to is getting time to relax, however I think it is important to give yourself a small amount of time in the Summer to do something productive (and this can be done in a variety of out-of-the-box ways) So today, I’ll be sharing my guide to being productive this summer break!

Firstly, What Does It Mean To Be Productive?

Resulting in or providing a large amount or supply of something

Cambridge Dictionary

Above is the simplest definition of the word ‘productive.’ In this context, it’s doing a lot of something that can stimulate your brain or give it some type of new information (which usually provides pleasant results). For example, studying would be considered productive as it’s reinforcing new information!

Productivity means something different to everyone. To one person, it might be writing a fun blog post, or to another person it might be a 3 hour study session. Whatever it means to you, you can find ways to implement it, in the simplest ways, even in your summer break.

1 – Interleave Revision Sessions

Since this is summer break, I still want to include studying as a small part of my productivity. During your summer break, it is not necessary to work everyday for 6 hours a day (because the whole point of the break is to have time off of school). But, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just interleave a few revision sessions over the course of the weeks during the break just to go over your notes before the new school year!

6 Week Break Example

  • Week 1 & 2 – Relax/Enjoy your summer break to the fullest
  • Week 3 – Exactly the same just include a few revision sessions over the course of that week
  • Week 4 & 5 – Relax/Enjoy your summer break to the fullest
  • Week 6 – Exactly the same just include a few revision sessions over the course of that week to prepare for back to school.

Even during the weeks where you include a few sessions, you don’t have to do that much! Maybe go over your notes from the previous year, or check up on anything you were unsure about. I’d say maximum do an hour a day as you’re only consolidating your notes – and pick one day to do a specific subject! Also, feel free to alter this if you make plans or are going on holiday (remember it’s your break so you don’t have to stick to this like an exam timetable!)

2 – Visit A New Place

It might sound surprising, but even by visiting a new area or attraction, it can still be counted as productive. Because you can provide your brain with new information, whether it’s being exposed to a new culture in a landmark, learning a new skill at an event or vising a museum with interesting facts!

A new place could really help you to expand your skillset and try new things – which is still productive. (Remember productivity is not just academic success!)

Some places I’d like to go are: Museums, Farms, Observatories etc! Many of these may also be free so check your local areas to see if there’s any new places you can visit this summer.

3 – Start A Passion Project

Everytime someone asks me to recommend them to do something new, I always think of a passion project – because they are amazing in so many ways!

Passion projects could include: A Youtube Channel, A Blog, A Podcast, Creating a Small Business etc.

These projects are the best because you can make them all about whatever you’re interested in, and they are known to benefit so many people in the future because of the new skills they gain and the experiences they go through.

Plus, your passion project will be completely different to someone else’s project so it helps it’s uniqueness. And it won’t feel like work if you’ve decided create one about something you truly love, and most people who start these always say it’s one of their best decisions!

I hope this post was useful to anyone who wants to have a fun summer while still being productive – remember productivity can be achieved in so many ways. Thanks for reading, please comment your summer plans and what you’re going to do!

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Want To Beat Procrastination? My Advice and Tips!

Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome or welcome back to Zainab Chats! Going through WordPress reader, I saw a lot of people doing April wrap-ups in which they said they wanted to make May more productive. So, I thought for this post, I’d share some of my own advice on how to beat procrastination, or how you can at least procrastinate less. Let’s jump into it!

Determine Your ‘Why’

The first key point is to figure out why you want to get things done, and why it’s key you don’t put them off. It could be part of a big dream to get a certain job, or a small goal of not getting a no homework detention in school. It doesn’t matter specifically what yours is compared to everyone else’s. It just means you have a reason to stay on track if you start procrastinating again. It could even be helpful to write your ‘Why’ down in a place to refer back to when you need a motivation boost!

Write Down Everything You’d Like To Accomplish

Having a list of everything you’d like to do is such an efficient way of getting all your tasks done. Keeping this list in a central location where you do your tasks such as your desk means you’ll be more likely to go to your desk when you see this list to get things done.
Also, make sure this list is a physically written list! A to do list on your phone or laptop might still help, but I’ve found that physically written lists are more beneficial:

  • Your hand physically writing down your tasks emphasises them in your brain more
  • Not being able to delete them at the press of the button means you want to get it finished, you’re held to accountability!
  • Once you finish, physically ticking things off is so satisfying so that’s building up less future procrastination

Hide Your Phone

Keeping your phone away from you isn’t 100% necessary. But if you’re someone that easily gets distracted by notifications popping up on your phone, it might be worth it. As clicking on these notifications leads you to doing more on your phone, pushing back your work even more. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you identify with this, you should consider asking someone to take your phone for a couple of hours.
Leading to my next point…

Tell Someone Your Plan

Telling someone what you’d like to achieve means you have someone else keeping you on the right track. Just ask them to drive you in the right direction if you’re going off track your work. Or even ask them to sit with you while you’re doing your work so you don’t forget your producitvity goal. Just make sure they have some work to do too so you don’t help each other procrastinate!

Allow Yourself Breaks

Stopping procrastination does not equal 24/7 productivity. In fact, that just leads to burnout, and not wanting to continue with your work or tasks for the day. So even if you’re in a phase where you don’t feel like you’ll procrastinate, schedule yourself some breaks anyway so you have something to look forward to after a bit of work (a mini ‘Why’!), and so you don’t give yourself the excuse that you’re tired so you procrastinate again.

I hope these tips can be beneficial to you guys. I heard a lot of people wanted to make May a productive month so let’s all help eachother make that happen!

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