My Daily Routine (In Quarantine)

Hey everyone, I thought I would share to you my daily routine in quarantine just to share what I’m doing to get through these times. ❤️ Also, just before we start the blog posts make sure you always wash your hands especially in these times and if you’re a blogger and would like to swap buttons comment on my Blog Buttons Page! Let’s start the post!

Wake Up : I don’t really have a specific time to wake up but it’s roughly around 8am. I feel this is the perfect time for me to start my day!

Homeschooling – 8:55 till 2:45.   These are my school hours so I always think it’s best so stay on a rough schedule so I stick to these times when doing my homeschooling! This has been my first time home schooling and honestly, I’m loving the experience. Being able to organise yo
ur school work and managing your time just makes me feel more free!

Chill Time – 2:45   Honestly, in this time I just spend time relaxing. I will probably either be calling my friends, watching Netflix or playing either Sims or Roblox!😁

Exercise Time – 5:30 
Right, the most tiring part of my day! My parents always encourage me to stay active therefore ever since quarantine started, I decided to set some time every day to exercise. I will work out for about 15 – 20 minutes depending on my mood and how I’m feeling! So let me know in the comments if you want me to share my exercise routine because I’m not a professional, I’m doing it to get more active!

Family / Friends Time – 6:00   From this time onward I will usually either play a board game with my  family or just spend time with them! Also, ever since quarantine started me and two of my best friends have been using Netflix Party every weekend at 7:30. It’s an amazing service by Netflix that let’s you watch a show together when you’re not in the same place! Netflix Party is so cool so I would definitely recommend you checking it out!

Dinner Time – Roughly about 8:00   Ever since quarantine we have been eating dinner a bit later then usual as the next day, we don’t really have to rush around for school! Therefore, we like to take time in my house to enjoy our days! 😀

Bed Time – Any time after 9:30.   Honestly guys lately I don’t have a scheduled time to go bed but what I can say is I definitely go before midnight which still gives me 7 hours of sleep!

Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed, tell me what you’re doing in quarantine in the comments! Have a great weekend guys!


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